21 Things Your Father Should Have Taught You about Being a Man

Some dads do a great job teaching their sons about what it means to be a man, others… not so much.  If your dad wasn’t around to teach you how to be a man, or maybe just wasn’t much of a talker, today’s blog with 30 of the things he should’ve taught you about being […]

25 Things the MYST Game Taught Us About Real Life

It is hard to think we might possibly learn something from a game, even one of the top 10 board games, but some hold interesting life lessons. We just have to know how to evaluate and relate life, to a computer filled with graphical entertainment, puzzles and life determining decisions. We’d like to share 25 […]

Mantelligence App Launch! Sign up to win an Xbox One!

It’s finally here! Kyle has been working on this app for years and now he’s brought manly knowledge to our fingertips. I was one of the lucky few that got to beta test it the past month. As I started passing levels I thought to myself, “I know more manly stuff then I thought I […]

The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman | Part I

I’ve been thinking often, for the past 8 months, on what being a gentleman requires and means. Oddly, as a men’s blog we’ve yet to write specifically on being a gentleman. As the old year just passed, and we’re two weeks into the new one, many guys have big goals and focus points on what […]

Men and their Motorcycles: What You Need to Know

Last year I purchased a Yamaha R6 for recreational riding. If you’ve never ridden you’re missing out. The wind blowing by you as you cut through the air. There is something about motorcycles that draws in a certain type of people. We’re not defined by stereotypes, and we come in all ages, sizes, professions, and beliefs. […]

New “Master of Beards” Competition – Have we reached Peak Beard yet?

New Master of Beards competition from Tesco direct suggests we haven’t reached ‘peak beard’ yet —Tesco direct invites beard-wearers to upload a photo of their best facial hair styles to win hundreds of pounds-worth of electric razors and beard trimming equipment— The trendy beard is here to stay, according to Tesco direct, with their new […]

What Are The Most Expensive Cars In The World?

When thinking of the most expensive production cars, manufacturers like Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari typically come to mind. However, when it comes to the most expensive cars in the world, surprisingly, none of these vehicles actually make the list in 2013. NB. Prices are in US dollars 1.       Maybach Exelero $8 Million This […]

10 Insane Truths About Cars

Did you know that the first major Australian carmaker was Ford? Are you aware that almost 210,000 car were produced in Australia in 2012? Can you believe that a vehicle is stolen in Australia every 9 minutes! Below are ten of the most insane (but true) facts about cars. 1.       SLOW DOWN The largest speeding […]

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Good

Properly cleaning your car means it can look as good as it runs. You can simply take it to the car wash, or even pay a professional detailer hundreds of dollars. However, not only will cleaning the car yourself save money, it’s actually a really easy job to do. Here are some great and easy […]

The 10 Weapons That Changed Everything

As the battle over the 2nd Amendment rages on in America, it’s easy to forget how we got to where we are today. No, I’m not talking about the history of background checks, restricting the purchase of AR-15s, or the soaring prices of brass. I’m talking about ancients weapons and how we’ve been developing more […]