Why Most Guys Suck at Flirting

“Excuse me, I know this is kind of random, but I just saw you, and I just wanted to say that I think you’re really beautiful…” Sound familiar? 90% of guys who are learning how to approach a woman, especially in the pickup community, think that if they are completely honest about their physical attraction […]

The Cornerstones of a Successful Long-Term Relationship

We learn from our mistakes. A failed relationship is a heart-wrenching experience but after the recovery, we notice a silvering lining. We’re able to see what went wrong and make significant lifestyle changes. Doing so creates a fantastic opportunity to grow and find a new relationship. A relationship without these problematic actions. One that doesn’t […]

Ways to Keep Man’s Best Friend Healthy

Having a dog is wonderful. It provides unconditional love to you and for the family every day of the week. But, there’s also a lot of responsibility that goes along with having a pet. As your pet ages, it counts on you solely to provide care. Regular vet visits Most pet owners are very good […]

Baby Shower for the Girl, Diaper Party for the Guy?

These days the guy is almost just as involved during the baby shower as the pregnant counterpart, although she is still the center of attention, and rightfully so.  But other than maybe a dad or a brother joining in the wedding shower, it may not be the most fun for them to hang out with […]


Let’s face it, most of us men find it hard to know if a girl or woman likes us. We are not mind readers and we are all too aware that women really are from Venus and men are from Mars, signifying that the male and female sex operate on a completely different level. Women […]

How to Make a Good Impression on an Online Dating Site

When you join an online dating site, you might not think that a first impression is going to mean a whole lot. After all, you aren’t meeting face to face, right? Sorry to say, but times have changed, and these first impressions are going to matter a lot more than you think, especially if you […]

Why is Dating so Difficult?

Either you are single and searching, or at the very least you used to be! In which case you probably remember all the hassles that go along with dating. I have often heard of both men and women have fears of marriage and long term commitments. They will say that there is a fear of […]

I Used the Cheesiest Pick-Up Line for a Night and Had a Great Time

The cheesiest pick up line we’ve all read about (but probably never heard at an actual bar) is “Hi, what’s your sign?” I don’t know if it was really popular in the seventies or just became a punch line because of how ridiculous it sounds, but I personally have never thought of astrology as a […]

5 Critical Tips to Follow if You Want to Find Love On an Online Dating Site

If there is one thing that has changed the way that people are meeting one another, it has to be the popularity of online dating. These websites give you the chance to meet single women as close as next door or as far away as on the other side of the world. With so many […]

How to Impress a Man on a First Date

Ladies, if you have a date with that special man and are looking for ways to impress him, then you might as well go to the source for advice. Dating advice columns have long been written by women for women. In reality, men have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to what they […]