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Dear Writer,

Thank you for your interest in helping Fearless Men invigorate men to grow! We are a Men’s Lifestyle Blog accepting excellent Guest Posts.

We want to interact with as many guys as possible that have a passion to sharpen other people. You don’t have to be from another Men’s Blog or Lifestyle Blog to Guest Post. We want to add to the discussion and provide more resources to help men grow.

Contact us below if you are interested in Men’s Lifestyle Blog Guest Posting. In your e-mail be sure to include the URL of your blog and any particular post topic you have in mind. Include at least 3 topic points you’d want to hit. Before you write the post we would want to work with you on maximizing SEO keywords.

We prefer guest posts from bloggers who have been running their own blog for at least one month. This allows us to check your writing quality and make it less likely that your included links will turn into broken links. If you do not have a blog, please include a writing sample.

Men’s Lifestyle Blog Guest Post Submission Guidelines
  • Read our ‘About’ page to ensure guest posts are inline with our blog objective.
  • Articles that are truly valuable to our readers. (Please ask us first for approval)
  • Honesty-if we don’t like it, we have to been honest. If we sorta like it, we may ask you to re-draft it. If we really like it, we will tell you.
  • Original content not published anywhere else and cannot be published anywhere else in the future.
  • Not self-promoting (we can use the bio-line for that)
  • Must be between 500-1000 words. (If longer please ask us first)
  • No affiliate links
  • You can include 1 link in the body but below the fold and 1 link in your bio
  • Include only images that allow for derivative rights (so we can resize and use them), or that you own outright.
  • We reserve full editorial and approval rights, including removing your link(s) or images and adding our own links or images to the article.
  • Please include your introduction/bio. This will be shown at the end of the article and can include 1 link back to your site.

We will notify you with the date and time it is scheduled to be published. It is expected on the day it is published for you to promote it via social media, and to respond to comments at the beginning and end of the day.


Todd and John

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Lastly, in your email below please include the following:

  1. That you have read the above Men’s Lifestyle Blog Guest Post guidelines
  2. Link to your blog/website
  3. What subject you want to write on including a brief synopsis

Comments or questions are welcome.

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