Soul Keeping by John Ortberg (Book Review)

Editors note: This isn’t a traditional book review in the sense that I write more about my thoughts and reflections after reading this book.  All quotes are taken from it.  “I wanted to know that my soul is not alone” My soul yearns for something more than the gratification of instant and temporary pleasures. For […]

Top 5 Qualities Godly Women Want in a Godly Man

Hey Gentlemen, I feel honored to be guest posting over here at Fearless Men.   I run a lifestyle blog called Preciously Preserved and love writing about Biblical principles, current events, DIY projects, and my little life out here in San Diego, CA.  I’ve been married to my amazing hubby for over a year; have a […]

Fearless. Am I?

Fear consumes our energy. Fear leaves us empty. Fear makes us ineffective. Fear is a parasite. Fear is Real. Sometimes it is so invasive that it feels tangible. And the more it controls us the more real it starts to feel, and we gradually lose control. Do we have to be controlled by these feelings […]

Show Your Strength

I got married over a year ago, but the lessons I’ve learned in this short time feel like a lifetime’s worth. From learning to be selfless to learning how to lead, it’s true that marriage is part of the life-changing process in our lives. And I think I’ve learned what it really means to “show […]

Book Review: Who is this Man? by John Ortberg

Who is this Man? I recently read this book and the author, John Ortberg presented some well-articulated and fascinating facts that the majority of us don’t know. Did you know that when anyone says they want to help others or Pay It Forward that they’re actually modeling Jesus? He was the first and revolutionized the […]

10 Myths for Why God Loves Us

Before becoming Christian you could often hear me say that I was a good person. My Modus Operandi was to work hard, volunteer some of my time and treat others with respect. You know, do a little bit of karma. I wasn’t concerned with why God loves us. I was a good person, by my standards, and […]

Honor God, Honor Others and Honor Yourself

“What’s in it for me?” is a question often echoed from one person to another. A stranger to a stranger. One friend to another. One loved one to a loved one. What’s in it for me? Seems like an important question to ask. It’s a dog eat dog society. Look out for numero uno. Only respect […]