How To Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Are you enrolled in a gym? Part of a sports team? Someone who likes to go for a jog every morning or never misses a workout class? You are probably a health and fitness enthusiast. Congratulations! You are part of the elite, less than 5 percent of individuals, who are living an active lifestyle. Obviously, […]

The Latest Research on Who Gets Injured and Why

Injuries have been a part of athletics since the beginning of time. Common to rough contact sports like football and rugby, even less confrontational sports like baseball and basketball have more than their fair share of sidelined players. The epidemic of both serious and non-serious sports trauma extends from elementary-aged participants to high school players […]

How to Recover from a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are way more common than you’d expect. 6 months ago I had minor shoulder surgery for bursitis and bone spurs. The San Diego Chargers team doctor knew a thing or two so I consulted him. He had tried a cortisone shot and 10 sessions of physical therapy with no improvements. He recommended surgery […]

Know Your Nuts – Male Health Awareness Month [Infographic]

We’re a bit late to the Male Health Awareness Month of June, but someone from Field Fisher Waterhouse asked if we’d still consider posting this since we have such a large audience of men. The title had me laughing, but the subject matter is for real. Read it for yourself, and stay healthy! Source

Injury Recovery | What’s Best for Bouncing Back from Injury

It happens to the best of us. I was lifting weights at the gym last February and sudden felt a sharp pain in my lower back that caused me to nearly collapse. Just a few years before I was playing basketball, leapt for a rebound, and landed with all my weight on someone’s foot-effectively rupturing […]

Running Recovery | 10 Tips On Recovering From a Hard Run

This past weekend I ran my first Half Marathon. It was the San Diego Half. I ran it with my cousin Stacy—she bought my entry into the race for my 30th Birthday. It was a blast! I finished in 2:13, meaning I beat the goal time I had set out for. These past couple days […]

Stretches for Cycling – Will Improve Your Flexibility and Avoid Injury

Here in sunny San Diego cycling is very popular. Last year I was training for a fitness competition so I was running all over the place. I get bored easily with the same spots so I was constatnly seeking out new running trails. It was on these runs that I became aware of how many […]

Running for the Injured Man—How Barefoot Running Techniques Turned My Body Around

Man has been trekking fast on his feet since the dawn of his time. Whether walking, jogging or running, hoofing it on foot is a millennia old pastime. Whether getting away from predators or chasing down the little ones before they roll off a prehistoric cliff, moving on feet has been crucial to man’s survival, […]

Common Chest Training Mistakes

Just about every guy at the gym is trying to grow a stronger, more defined chest. Many are hitting their chest workouts 1-2 times a week but aren’t seeing the results they want. Here are some common chest training mistakes to avoid so your workouts aren’t wasted. Improper Bench Press Form Full range of motion is key. […]