Look to the Good in Credit Cards

Now for those that may be in credit card debt and could be wondering what does ira stand for, probably could have a few negative comments about using a credit card, but if used responsibly they can actually make sound financial sense.  A few things to look for in a solid credit card would be […]

Credit Card Myths You Can Avoid Buying Into

When used correctly, credit cards can actually make great financial sense.  First, they provide great fraud protection in that you don’t have to worry about your bank account getting wiped out if you were to use your debit card.  Next, and probably the best reason to use a credit card in general, and for all […]

Why to Use a Credit Card for Every Purchase You Make

At some point there was a switch when using a credit card seemed like a bad move, like it was frowned upon because if you were using one it meant that you didn’t have the money to make the purchase.  Now while I guess that may be true for some, especially to those that went […]

5 Effective Ways for Paying Credit Card Bills

Credit cards can be overwhelming, especially if you use them for every purchase, and have multiple cards at that.  The problem with a credit card is that it is not like money where it is deducted from your checking account at the point of purchase, so you know how much you have left to last […]

Holiday Season Have Spending Out of Control?

Getting scared to get the next credit card bill in after all of the Christmas shopping and spending while friends and family were all in town?  You are not alone, in that every year seems to spend more in gifts, not to mention it is the time of year where you are busy shopping and […]

Minimum Balance Nightmare: Why It Pays to Overpay [Infographic]

Credit card debt is racking up in many households, and people want to be set free from it. It can kill a man’s present–and future. Don’t get sucked into the cycle of only paying the minimum balance-that’s a nightmare. It pays to overpay, and the below infographic will tell you why.   It Pays to […]

Be In the Know About Credit Cards Before They Own You

According to Forbes (March, 2012) the average credit card debt for indebted households was $14,517, and for all households was $6,772. That is a daunting statistic to have to face, and it’s a reality that many people live with every day. I often wonder how much they know about credit cards. If you have a […]