The Outdoor Adventurer’s Guide to Etiquette

The name Emily Post is synonymous with etiquette, but did you know that Emily Post’s descendants have carried on with the family business of teaching others how to mind their manners? Currently, Emily’s great-grandson Peter writes a business etiquette column for The Boston Globe, and has authored several books on the topic. His wife, Peggy, […]

As a Person Ages, Vision Problems Are Much More Common

Maybe you are noticing vision problems yourself at this moment. Perhaps you have seen your parents go through problems with their own vision. There is a chance that if you go back far enough on your family tree, you might even be able to find relatives that were considered blind because of age-related vision problems. […]

Maintaining Physical Appearance Means More Than Working Out

When a man decides he wants to make himself more physically attractive, he’ll probably start lifting weights. While getting ourselves toned is important, and more exercise is definitely better than none at all, muscles aren’t the only factor determining whether a man is properly maintaining his physical appearance. In fact, many men make the mistake […]

Sticking to Healthy Diet on a Busy Schedule

There are many different reasons why your schedule could be hectic. Maybe you have recently become a father, so there’s a baby often crying for attention. Perhaps you are running a business and rushing to meet all of your clients’ demands. If you seem to find yourself constantly short of time, then whatever the actual […]

Watersports Make Fitness Fun, But Rashguards are Essential Gear

The ability for people to enter water coupled with the biological hostility of an aquatic environment makes for an exciting setting to challenge the limits of your body AND mind. Whether by swimming, surfing, sailing, or otherwise, watersports are a fun way to stay physically fit and keep your reaction time sharp. However, each specific […]

How To Improve Flexibility With This Bruce Lee Stretching Routine

What manly fighter epitomizes annihilating the competition more than Bruce Lee? He might not be tall or have 200 lbs of muscle, but we know he could end a fight-and anyone’s life-in seconds. Limber guys like Bruce Lee aren’t usually on the Top 10 manliest men list. But Bruce Lee IS. And he earned his flexibility and legendary physique through intense devotion to refining his craft-his body. One thing that may be overlooked in developing fitness and physique like Lee is a good stretching routine.

Performance Workout Gear for Men

Have you ever noticed the burly guy strutting about the gym with his big gym bag? Seems to be a bit unnecessary at first glance, but in fact he probably carries the tools of a bodybuilders/athletes trade, which are proper fitness attires, weightlifting belts, lifting straps, wrist wraps, and other various types of performance workout […]

Athletic Diets – The Numbers [Infographic]

8,000 calories a day? According to this infographic–yeah–some athletes are eating that much! The typical “2,000” calorie diet is not for many people. For inactive people, that might be TOO MANY calories. For a person who plays sports almost daily, it’s probably too few. I’ve wondered for a long time how many calories we burn […]

5 Simple Tips To Motivate You In the Gym

This is a guest post from Jonathan Marshall. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Inspiration, motivation, and just finding the doggone plain drive to get to the gym and workout can seem impossible sometimes. “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t want to be […]

How Karate Can Bring Sons and Fathers Closer Together

This is a Guest Post by a man with two shared passions of Fearless Men: family and martial arts! Jeremy S. is an executive that loves spending time with his son, and recognizes how martial arts provides are opportunity to bring sons and fathers together. If you’re interested in guest posting, visit this page to […]