Running Recovery | 10 Tips On Recovering From a Hard Run

This past weekend I ran my first Half Marathon. It was the San Diego Half. I ran it with my cousin Stacy—she bought my entry into the race for my 30th Birthday. It was a blast! I finished in 2:13, meaning I beat the goal time I had set out for. These past couple days […]

10 Ways to Cut Your Gym Membership Cost

I’ve only paid for 2 gym memberships in my entire life and I remember how frustrated I was each time with the costs.  I only use the free weights and occasionally the basketball court. What I end up paying for though is the entire gym. At least this is the way it feels when they […]

Stretches for Cycling – Will Improve Your Flexibility and Avoid Injury

Here in sunny San Diego cycling is very popular. Last year I was training for a fitness competition so I was running all over the place. I get bored easily with the same spots so I was constatnly seeking out new running trails. It was on these runs that I became aware of how many […]

Keeping Yourself in Shape During a Break

The gym is an important part of your life if you’re going to try and keep yourself in shape. A week away and you’re getting withdrawal symptoms. Even if you’re looking to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer to make your love for health and fitness a career goal, you need to take a […]

First Half Marathon Training | Training for Your First 13.1 Mile Race

I’m right in the midst of my first half marathon training. I’m running 15-20 miles a week, and my first half marathon race is just two weeks away. Just two years ago I would have never contemplated running 13.1 miles in one outing. But with the right preparation, my body is not racked with pain, […]

4 Tips To Increase The Intensity Of Your Workouts

The following is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. When you work out you want to get the most out of your workout routine every time. When you first start out you might find yourself only going so far. After a while […]

TRX Review | Suspension and RIP Training

“MAKE YOUR BODY YOUR MACHINE” ~TRX Slogan Last year I was looking for a new way to workout and a friend mentioned the TRX. I looked it up, did some research (which I provide below) and liked what I saw in the TRX Suspension Trainer so I purchased it. Here in San Diego we seem […]

Running for the Injured Man—How Barefoot Running Techniques Turned My Body Around

Man has been trekking fast on his feet since the dawn of his time. Whether walking, jogging or running, hoofing it on foot is a millennia old pastime. Whether getting away from predators or chasing down the little ones before they roll off a prehistoric cliff, moving on feet has been crucial to man’s survival, […]

How to do a Manly Pull Up

I can still remember the Sergeant Major giving that order as I’m hanging off the bar thinking in my head, “But I already did 9.” I finished with a final count of 6. As I dropped down and walked back towards my team mates I shook my head in shame. This was one of my […]

Common Chest Training Mistakes

Just about every guy at the gym is trying to grow a stronger, more defined chest. Many are hitting their chest workouts 1-2 times a week but aren’t seeing the results they want. Here are some common chest training mistakes to avoid so your workouts aren’t wasted. Improper Bench Press Form Full range of motion is key. […]