Tabata Intervals: 4 Minutes of Unparalled Cardio

Athletes work tirelessly to have the slightest edge. They ceaselessly pursue sharpening their skills, speeding their minds, and being in peak physical condition. Once an athlete reaches peak physical form, it can be extremely difficult to gain the upper-hand when it comes to speed, endurance or strength. But there is a tool to continually push […]

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

It’s true that carbohydrates are fuel. Without them it’s difficult to fire up your metabolism and charge through your day. But not all carbs are as useful as others. There’s a lot of talk about complex carbs vs. simple carbs. That’s not useless talk, but what’s even more important is understanding where your carb scores […]

Beginners Guide to Joining the Gym

So you’ve finally taken the big step and are joining the gym. With running shoes and sweat band at the ready, you’ve put fast food and film nights on the backburner; it’s gym time. Forget about those extra pounds you’ve gained over winter, all that you need to concentrate on now are sport supplements for […]

7 Martial Arts Training Tips

The following is a guest post. If interested in submitting a guest post, please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Learning martial arts has innumerable advantages. From improving your ability and defending yourself in tight situations, to providing a welcome confidence boost, the art of elegant, powerful fighting can do a great […]

20 Best Fight Scenes of All Time

The fight scene. Ever since I was a young lad I imagined myself being the hero kicking ass and saving the day. Still, even as I daydream I imagine kicking people’s faces in–in one last heroic effort to save all the orphans of the world. There’s not many things in life that are as inspiring […]

How to Get Fit With A Boxing Workout

You only need to look at a professional boxer’s physique and watch one boxing workout to see that it’s an incredibly good way to keep your fitness level at its best yet. If you’ve never tried the sport before, don’t be put off by the stigma that it’s just for those that enjoy the ‘rough […]

No Time and No Money to Train? How To Look Like A Stud Anyways

Are you broke? Are you short on time? Would you like to get in shape somehow with these two major issues looming?

Running Recovery | 10 Tips On Recovering From a Hard Run

This past weekend I ran my first Half Marathon. It was the San Diego Half. I ran it with my cousin Stacy—she bought my entry into the race for my 30th Birthday. It was a blast! I finished in 2:13, meaning I beat the goal time I had set out for. These past couple days […]

10 Ways to Cut Your Gym Membership Cost

I’ve only paid for 2 gym memberships in my entire life and I remember how frustrated I was each time with the costs.  I only use the free weights and occasionally the basketball court. What I end up paying for though is the entire gym. At least this is the way it feels when they […]

Stretches for Cycling – Will Improve Your Flexibility and Avoid Injury

Here in sunny San Diego cycling is very popular. Last year I was training for a fitness competition so I was running all over the place. I get bored easily with the same spots so I was constatnly seeking out new running trails. It was on these runs that I became aware of how many […]