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TRX suspensionLast year I was looking for a new way to workout and a friend mentioned the TRX. I looked it up, did some research (which I provide below) and liked what I saw in the TRX Suspension Trainer so I purchased it. Here in San Diego we seem to be continually bombarded with new workout tips and boot camps. I think the majority of them are false marketing trying to sell a get-fit-quick scheme. And if someone is out there looking for that than they will grab on to it. Unfortunately for many of them the results aren’t there and they’re sent packing looking for the next big thing.

TRX though I believe is different. It can work for most anyone. Not all of us want to go to the gym and lift weights. When I was in the Army we did many workouts that relied on our bodies as the weight. TRX is similar. This is why it’s no surprise that TRX was invented in the 90’s by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal. It is a body-weight based suspension training system that offers fitness training to athletes, soldiers, trainers and others who wish to stay fit on the road, at home or in the gym.

There are TWO types of TRX: Suspension and RIP

TRX Suspension TrainerTRX Suspension Kit

TRX Suspension training uses body weight and gravity. The workouts are comprised of multipoint assimilation across 3 different planes of movement. It allows users to perform many strength and conditioning exercises using their own body weight. It can also be described as a portable physical training station that helps build strength, core stability, balance and flexibility.

 trx suspension workout

TRX Rip TrainerTRX RIP

While TRX Suspension uses gravity, Rip training uses a lever bar and resistance cord (elastic resistance) to offer a combination of mobility, strength, stability, balance and coordination. With a Rip Trainer, users can perform various exercises that improve fluidity and range of motion, which in turn reduce the chances of being injured. The Rip trainer is perfect for beginners, athletes and bodybuilders. If used properly, there is no risk of injury.

TRX Rip Trainer

Pros and Cons

TRX Suspension (Pros)

  • Flexibility – This is a multitasking, multipurpose set of home fitness equipment. You have almost all the equipment of a gym in a single machine. It works with resistance connectors that take up just a small space. You can exercise anytime you want.
  • The Law of Gravity – This equipment uses a person’s own body weight and gravitational force – an easily accessible element for anyone.
  • Diversity – With very few components, you can enjoy a diverse workout routine. You have mobility and training convenience anywhere. An optional piece is the TRX Door Anchor so you can workout wherever there’s a door.
  • Exercise DVD and Booklet – The TRX trainer system comes with an exercise DVD and Booklet that carries many exercise routines for users. I used the booklet because it was the first thing I could get my hands on.
  • Portability – TRX suspension equipment is portable and easy to carry when traveling. It comes with a compact mesh bag that holds everything. I’ve taken this on business trips across the country.
  • User-friendly – TRX workouts are simple. Even a beginner will master it in no time.

TRX Suspension (Cons)

  • Not everyone can enjoy a body weight and gravity workout. There is a lot of resistance on the joints and this can be too painful for some.
  • It isn’t cheap. You pay north of $150 (depending on sales and season).

Rip Trainer (Pros)

  • User-friendly – Workouts are easy. Operating and using the RIP Trainer is easy to catch on to.
  • Resilience – The rip training machine is durable and will last for many years without any trouble or malfunctioning.

Rip Trainer (Cons)

  • The equipment is costly. Also north of $150.
  • You must have enough space for swinging exercises.
  • You require a solid and sturdy base to clip the equipment to.

TRX combatYou can probably guess which one I purchased. Yep, the TRX Suspension Trainer was my first choice. I picked this one mostly for portability and I liked the fact that it uses my body weight and gravity. The RIP Trainer also required more factors like space and a sturdy base and that turned me off. The TRX Suspension Trainer has a door anchor for ease of use. Keep in mind that I’ve only used the TRX Suspension Trainer for the reasons mentioned above so you’ll need to make your own educated decision. They’re both perfect solutions though for anyone looking for various levels of fitness. You might be recovering from an injury or you’re a beginner who wants to adopt a fitness regime. The goal is to get in shape without injuring yourself. TRX can meet both those needs.

In the coming weeks I’m going to write about different TRX Suspension workouts and which ones are my favorite.

TRX Training Official Site Click Here


  1. At some point in the future I’d imagine I’d get bored with the same-old workout, however my primary objective is getting bored with it…because that means I actually went to the gym (and for a long period of time)!

    We’ve been slacking off a lot; I think I only went to the gym twice last week, but I did go this morning and I hope to go 3 more times this week!

    The suspension thing does look pretty cool by the way.

    • That’s an interesting theory of working out till you get bored. Maybe it’ll help me. I used to be so much better at hitting the gym and staying fit. The past few months have proven tough though.

  2. Ashamedly, I think I’d end up breaking my neck if I were to try something like this. I just don’t have the coordination.

    • It looks tougher than it really is. When I first looked at the instructions I thought I’d get my legs tangled and hit my head. Hasn’t happened yet though. 🙂

  3. First step for me would be getting into a rhythm where I was actually working out every day, instead of just the days I remember. But I think I would go with the first one as well. I don’t know that I have anything here that I would trust to support my weight.

    • I need to get back into a rhythm too. It’s going to happen. Running I’m good at doing weekly…it’s the other exercise I forget about.

  4. I have been using the TRX exclusively for about 2 years and it is the best. There are so many exercises that you will never get bored and it really kicks my butt big time. I lifted weights for years but this thing gives me better results. I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t rave about it after they use it for a week or so.

    • 2 years?! Wow! The “so many exercises” is what I love about it too. I haven’t used it exclusively but maybe I need to learn some more workouts.

      • Yeah. Time flies when you are having fun. 🙂 I am going to try to incorporate the Rip trainer into my workouts more this year. I might use it on my light workout days or something.

        There are a ton of demonstrated workouts on the TRX site. I think it is under video in the menu.

  5. Wow, seem like a good range of exercise can be done using this system. I am at very beginning stages of taking control of my fitness but I can already see the difference.

    • That noticeable difference is one of favorite parts of working out. I don’t know if my motivation would be as strong if I never felt and looked more fit.

  6. I have only done a TRX demo at the gym where I teach at and it is such a challenging workout. I’m usually the one kicking peoples’ butts, so it was nice and humbling to have my butt kicked. My core was super sore the following day.

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