Budgeting Tips to Increase Your Financial Awareness

Budgeting will allow you to plan how to spend your money, making it easier for you to have enough cash to cover all your essential monthly expenses. Besides providing a spending plan for your income, a budget will also help you stay out to get out of debt. And if you’re already in debt, then […]

Cleaning Methods for a DIY European Trophy Mount

If you’re looking to save yourself a trip to the taxidermist, doing your own European trophy mount saves you time and money, not to mention giving you a unique project to work on. Cleaning the trophy is the first and most important step of the process. There are several cleaning methods, each one with its […]

Creating the Ultimate Custom Man Cave

You’re finally ready to create the ultimate man cave. The sky’s the limit. You can have anything you want. The problem is, you don’t know what you want. Designing and building your ideal man cave is no fun if you don’t know what you’re going to have in the end. Figure out what you want, […]

The Benefits of Joining a College Fraternity

Many college students avoid fraternities, assuming that frats are merely a vehicle for partying and sadistic hazing rituals. In reality, these attention-grabbing aspects of joining a frat are exaggerated and overblown. Sure there are parties, but college kids will party whether they’re in Greek life or not. Yes, there are induction rituals, but they likely […]

Tricks that Can Make You More “Naturally Beautiful”

Don’t we all envy those celebrities and models that seem to look flawless, even in the paparazzi shots? We can all admit to at least a little curiosity as to how they do it. They don’t constantly have a crew around them giving them a red carpet airbrushed look, so how do they have such […]

3 Simple Ways You Can Use Time More Effectively Each Week

There are only 24 hours in a day, yet for many of us, that hardly seems like enough. Between busy work schedules and lengthy commutes, chores at home, and other responsibilities, it can easily feel like there isn’t enough time to work on your own hobbies or simply take some time to rest and watch […]

Do You Really Need a Degree to Become Rich?

Committing to a university degree can be a lengthy, time-consuming, expensive yet rewarding process. Many cite university experiences and connections made while studying as invaluable to the fabric of their life and success. However, others see the three to four year commitment as a roadblock to their growing success. After all, if you already have […]

A Break Down of the Best War Films

Why are war movies so popular? The simple answer is that wars are inherently thrilling and visually stunning – the perfect recipe for a great film. However, wars are also relentlessly cruel and traumatizing, elements which require an especially talented filmmaker to bring to the screen without losing sight of the entertainment factor. The best […]

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Bitcoin

There is no doubt that Bitcoins are creating a lot of interest in people all around the world. There is a huge population that has started dealing in the currency and has gained a lot of trusts. The hottest trend is now Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs, where people can invest directly to different companies. This […]

Make Tenacious Advances in Life

With winter 2018 fading into the history books, many are planning their outdoor adventures, even while the snow banks melt and the last frost has yet to bite.  Planning ahead and paying attention to the little details of your plan can make or break the start of a new venture.  If you fail to include […]