Exploring Marrakech: Things To See and Do

Marrakech is without a doubt one of the most famous and loved cities by tourists in all of Morocco and there are quite simply numerous reasons for this. It has markets, mosques and many hidden streets and places to explore. It is also something of a time warp with its mixture of modern and medieval […]

Getting Social Work Experience

If you’re interested in social work jobs, it cannot be too early to start thinking about work experience. As a practical job with a steep learning curve, and confidence all important when you’re dealing with people, evidence of experience in the field is one of those things that will make it much easier for you […]

Do You Understand What You Have To Lose by Settling at Work?

Do You Understand What You Have To Lose by Settling at Work? When it comes to your life as well as your identity, your job and career likely have a large part to play, but do you feel that that part of your life is starting to stagnate? No matter how well your job may […]

You Never Know When It Might Come in Handy: 7 Useful Things to Always Keep Around in Your Car

No matter how safe you are on the road, emergencies can happen. Whether you’re in an accident or your vehicle breaks down, there are ways to make the wait for help much easier and to enable you to help yourself in some situations. Check out this list of things you’ll always want to keep in […]

5 Important Style Tips for Men in Their 30s

Crossing that 30-year old threshold is synonymous to becoming a more mature person – something that should also be reflected by the clothes you wear. Here are six tips to live by to make sure that your current wardrobe matches your age and personality. Give Away the Cheap Stuff This is not to say that […]

Six Wise Habits To Follow To Repay Debts Faster

The principle of not acquiring additional debt is easy – you just have to save and pay. The only problem is that many people don’t know how to save money, while trying to meet their other financial obligations. Here are some habits to develop so you can manage your spending habits: Create A Budget Plan […]

Planning for the Unknown: 5 Types of Insurance any Electrician Can Benefit From

Electricians are exposed to all kinds of risks. You could accidentally burn down a client’s home because of wrong connections, it’s possible to accidentally electrocute yourself and suffer life-threatening injuries, or you could suffer an illness that keeps you out of work for a long period. To protect yourself from these situations, it’s important to […]

Hosting a Party | Men’s Edition

We can’t quite peg what has happened in society to put hosting a party, be that an intimate dinner party or a large celebration like a wedding, on women. Images of extensive Pinterest boards and long nights of crafting come to mind, along with pretty invitations and floral arrangements. But it wasn’t always like that. […]

Being a Modern Dad

The era in which the mother is the one taking care of the children while the father is working is over. These days, with same-sex couples and careerist women, a father has to be involved in his kid’s life and he generally wants to. The perfect dad has to be present for his children and […]

3 Amazing Sites in Cuba

For many, the dream of a sunny tropical wedding makes it a no-brainer to choose your destination wedding in Cuba. But Cuba has much more to offer than pristine beaches for your wedding ceremony. With a blend of natural beauty and historic locations, Cuba has plenty of gorgeous sites that also make it an ideal […]