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5 Simple Tips To Motivate You In the Gym

5 Simple Tips To Motivate You In the Gym

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5 simple steps to motivate you in the gymThis is a guest post from Jonathan Marshall. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us.

Inspiration, motivation, and just finding the doggone plain drive to get to the gym and workout can seem impossible sometimes. “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t want to be sore tomorrow because I have to work.” “You know what! After this vacation in two weeks I’m definitely going to start, I promise!” Any of theses excuses sound familiar? I have heard all of these all too often and countless others. What I have found in order to battle these you just have to GET UP AND DO FITNESS!!

There are definite motivators that can help you to get you going and in the mood for your fitness workouts. I am going to share 5 of them that help me a lot when I don’t feel like doing anything!

1. Picture

I’m a very visual guy. I need to SEE what I’m going after. I need that goal right in my face.

I like to find a picture of exactly what I’m shooting for physically. An athlete or model that has the body that I want to look like-and I look at it often to drive me to my goal. Seeing it all the time has been a driving motivator over the years.

2. Dress

Ever heard the phrase “Dress for success!”? Believe it or not, the way you dress has a profound impact on the way you perform and way you feel in the gym. I don’t think the guys coming in to workout in their jeans and flannels are the most motivated people. Once you throw on those gym shorts and tanks you will feel much more motivated. Get what’s right for you-which is what you feel comfortable and confident in. If you feel out of place or insecure in what you’re wearing to the gym, it will be at the least a small mental roadblock to really blasting through your workout.

I feel like putting the clothes on are the first steps to getting yourself to the gym!

3. Partner Up

I find that taking a partner with me to the gym has given me that extra little push to do one more rep, mile or set. Having that accountability is priceless, and you can only go so far by yourself. My workout partners over the years have helped me tremendously and I owe a lot of thanks to them.

4. Music

Music is by far my most inspiring motivator to get up and go. There’s nothing like plugging those headphones in and having an upbeat techno jam in my ears to get me going. After about five minutes of that bass I am feeling ready to go.

What are the songs that get you amped? Your blood pumping? That song you hear that forces images into your mind of you going Bruce Willis all over evil-doers, punching holes through bad guys heads and rescuing endangered orphans in front of a crowd of women screaming your name while the President looks on with an Olympic gold medal in hand. (Seriously, tell me what song that is).

Find those songs that get you pumped to be a hero, then make your playlist, and use that as a tool in the gym.

5. Supplements

The world of supplementation is fun and interesting. There are some great products and some bad products. Before you buy something make sure to read what LOTS of people are saying about it. There are all types of supplements one can use to motivate and get that extra push needed in order to continue their fitness. Need some supps? Shop for natural health supplements with Golden Glow. I find that a great pre-workout works best for me. When I’m not feeling the energy I take one and am usually up and going within 30 minutes!

These are some of my tried and true motivators that have helped me for years and will work for you. But the biggest factor to succeeding in the gym is YOU. Don’t walk in afraid or insecure. It doesn’t matter how in or out of shape you are. Walk in that gym with head held high knowing that that workout is one piece to growing your fitness.

-Your online personal trainer,

Jonathan Marshall


  1. Partnering up with a friend is one of the best things to do. You can both motivate each other. I know that I have days that I really don;t want to work out, but I have my wife to get me out the door.

    • EXACTLY. I have a friend who’s absolutely devoted in the gym. I rarely am doing the same muscle group he’s doing, but just hitting the gym at the same time as him (and doing our abs together at the end) is great motivation and accountability.

  2. There are many bodybuilding motivation videos at youtube. Usually I watch them before going to gym and they really help me stay motivated!

    • Good point! I’ve seen some great stuff on youtube that I didn’t know before. But now that I’m nursing a couple injuries back to health, I’m wary of guys that don’t talk about the “safe” way to do it. If they don’t mention what the wrong form is and how to not hurt yourself, I question their expertise.

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