As a Person Ages, Vision Problems Are Much More Common

Maybe you are noticing vision problems yourself at this moment. Perhaps you have seen your parents go through problems with their own vision. There is a chance that if you go back far enough on your family tree, you might even be able to find relatives that were considered blind because of age-related vision problems. However, this does not have to happen to you if you get on top of the problem. The key is to not let your loss of vision get too out of control before taking action.


Nearsightedness is a condition that tends to run in the family. Sometimes it is just a matter of time before it catches up to you. If you are nearsighted, that means you can see things close up but not off in the distance. You might not have had this condition for most of your life, but then it can almost literally seem to spring up on you overnight. This can be corrected though in a few ways. You might choose to start wearing glasses as an optometrist in Montreal could examine your eyes quickly and determine if this will work for you. You could also go with contacts if you don’t have a problem with wearing them. Even a little procedure known as LASIK could restore your vision to what it once was in a matter of minutes.


People who are farsighted have a problem with seeing things that are close up. This can come on with age and really prevent you from reading for long periods of time as it is a constant struggle to hold things out at arm’s length so you can see them better. But just like nearsightedness, it can be corrected with glasses, contacts, or LASIK.

Macular Degeneration

When macular degeneration first presents itself to you or a loved one, it can be quite scary. It basically causes a loss of vision in the center field of vision. This can happen in two ways. It may happen because of dry macular degeneration where the center of the retina is deteriorating or because of wet macular degeneration where there are leaky blood vessels that are growing under the retina and causing problems. If you contact a medical professional, they may tell you that surgery could be an option. Other people can take special vitamins and minerals to slow down the progress of the condition. If this is condition is in your life, do not give up hope and fight it as best as you can.

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