Maintaining Physical Appearance Means More Than Working Out

When a man decides he wants to make himself more physically attractive, he’ll probably start lifting weights. While getting ourselves toned is important, and more exercise is definitely better than none at all, muscles aren’t the only factor determining whether a man is properly maintaining his physical appearance. In fact, many men make the mistake of outright ignoring other physical traits they need to regularly maintain if they want to look their best.

Here is a list of the appearance attributes most men don’t spend enough time on improving, and simple ways to get started:


Most men approach skincare with nothing more than a cheap bar of soap and warm water. However, while bar soap is good at removing dirt and grime, it typically dehydrates the skin when used regularly, especially if you like to take hot showers. The result is a chalky and brittle appearance, which when combined with acne can be tough on our confidence. The good news is proper skincare for men doesn’t have to be a complicated process; most regimens involve just one or two products and take about three minutes a day. The result is healthier looking skin and therefore a healthier looking you.


Many men with hair are just happy they have some. While this kind of optimistic outlook is great, men don’t want to make the mistake of mistreating their locks to the point where they’d be better off bald. Similar to what bar soap does to skin, many brands of shampoo dry out hair when used regularly. Conditioner infuses follicles with chemicals in an attempt to rehydrate it. Combined with using gel or pomade products to get our hair the way we want it, which usually includes alcohol as an ingredient, men with a head of hair often let it look unnatural and unhealthy. What can be done? Opt for a hairstyle which requires little to no product to achieve. Use less shampoo and conditioner over the course of the week, by putting less in your hair each time and only using them every other day.


Men need to trim their nails, otherwise, they end up with accumulated dirt and grit underneath. However, this doesn’t mean trimming them with your teeth. Nail biting is a bad habit for many reasons, including leaving your nails looking unsightly. Instead, make a point to trim your nails with clippers once a week. The result will be clean and healthy looking nails.


Lastly, we arrive at oral hygiene. It turns out 71% of women surveyed say a nice smile is the most attractive physical trait a man can have, so it goes without saying that taking care of your teeth is essential.. You probably do – or think you do – but poor oral hygiene and bad looking teeth can creep up on a man, the consequences of cutting corners over the course of decades. Are you brushing twice a day, two minutes at a time? Are you flossing? Are you brushing your gums and tongue? Do you see the dentist twice a year? If you answer no to any of these questions, you’re letting your mouth get unnecessarily worse over time, and worse looking as a result.

Making yourself more physically attractive isn’t just a matter of lifting weights. Yes, physical fitness is essential for both looking your best and feeling your best, but that’s just the beginning. Fortunately, the extra steps men can take to look their best aren’t particularly time consuming or expensive. If that’s not an ideal proposition to most guys, we don’t know what is.

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