Grooming Like a Real Man

What do you think when you think of a “man’s man? Grizzly beard, dirty shoes, a musky scent? If this is what you think you should be like if you are aiming for “manly”, you are way off. Today’s man is not one who is dirty, smells, and lost his toothbrush. It’s one who is clean, groomed, and dresses smartly. This is the kind that gets the ladies and makes waves at his workplace.

If you want to start looking (and acting) like a real man, learn to groom yourself!

Figure Out Your Facial Hair

There’s nothing wrong with having a beard or a moustache. The trouble is when your facial hair isn’t taken care of. If you are committed to having facial hair, put in the time to keep it shaped, trimmed, styled, and clean. There are plenty of products out there from moustache wax to beard oils that can assist in keeping you looking sharp, no matter how you decide to grow your facial hair.

Care for Your Skin

Why is it that ladies have skin care routines that take multiple steps when men don’t even wash their faces half the time? Clear, glowing skin is a sign of health and something that is attractive in both men and women. It’s time to break out the moisturizers, men, and start using them. Depending on what your skin is like, you might need a variety of different products, but if you want to keep it simple, start with a cleanser and a moisturizer. Since regular exfoliation can be quite the commitment, try a glycolic acid peeling as an excellent starting point for any skin-rejuvenation treatment.

Use Soap

Though still surprised at the number of people who don’t wash their hands after using the washroom, it gets even worse when you count how many men don’t use anything in the shower. Water itself does not remove odour-causing bacteria or clean dirt as well as soap does. If you avoid soap because you think it smells too floral or feminine, there are many neutral or even masculine scents like coal, sandalwood, or even dragon’s blood. Use a bar or some gel on a loofah in the shower for a truly cleansing and aromatic experience.

Trim Your Nails

No one is expecting you to get a manicure every week, however keeping your nails trimmed and clean is essential. The longer they are, the more dirt can get trapped under them, something that is not just unsanitary, it’s also unattractive. Pushing down and trimming your cuticles every once in a while is also important to keeping your hands neat and maintained.

Haircuts are Key

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your hair (unless you don’t have any). Visit the barber’s chair every four weeks to keep your style fresh and updated, and style it daily for a smart and clean look. Treat any issues like dandruff that you might have, and ask your hair specialist about what you should be using in terms of styling products. They really do make a difference, believe us.

Though some men think that grooming is for ladies only, most of us realize that it’s a human thing, not a gender issue. Putting effort into our appearance is an indication of respect towards ourselves and others, not a sign of weakness. Once you maintain your hair, start investing into skin care, buy some great soap, and trim those nails, you are on your way to being a more sophisticated, attractive, and manly man. Because real men don’t stink. Slobs do.

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