Athletic Diets – The Numbers [Infographic]

8,000 calories a day? According to this infographic–yeah–some athletes are eating that much!

The typical “2,000” calorie diet is not for many people. For inactive people, that might be TOO MANY calories. For a person who plays sports almost daily, it’s probably too few.

I’ve wondered for a long time how many calories we burn just from digestion–this states the range is 200-400. So eating DOES help you lose weight! (In an indirect way). Now, if you want to know how many calories you would burn just from laying down and breathing for 24 hours, check out your Resting Metabolic Rate.

Anyhow, on to the infographic. I’m not into the extreme religious devotion that the Paleo people I know have committed too. I eat meat like crazy so I’m not a vegan by any means. Regardless, its interesting to see what top athletes are doing and eating.

Athletic Diets

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