Let’s face it, most of us men find it hard to know if a girl or woman likes us. We are not mind readers and we are all too aware that women really are from Venus and men are from Mars, signifying that the male and female sex operate on a completely different level. Women tend to be more emotional, while men tend to be more logical, following what our brain tells us to do, rather than our heart.


Fear of Rejection

Have you ever found a woman really attractive but not made a move and regretted it afterwards? Well, most of us have. The humiliation or fear of rejection is buried in the depths of our souls and often will not subject us to the risk or the leap of faith that we sometimes need to just take. We think too much, think about the consequences of what people will think if she turns us down, how rubbish it may make us feel or how embarrassing it could be. When really, we do not look at the positive consequences which could either result in a one-off amazing night together, or long-term potential if that’s what we wish for.


Body Language is Everything

Learning even just a little about a woman’s body language will help you to understand what she’s thinking and feeling. It’s not difficult and it may just give you the boost of confidence that you need!


  • CONVERSATION: When someone finds another person attractive, they want to know as much information about them as possible. Asking lots of questions about work or personal life, what you like to eat or do on a weekend, are all signs she likes you and wants to know more.
  • STANDING CLOSE: If she is standing close to you when you talk, then she is showing trust and confidence in you. People who like to keep a distance in their proximity, will not want to share their personal space.
  • EYE CONTACT: If your eyes lock across a crowded room then she is giving you a sure sign that she’s interested. At the same time, if she finds it difficult to make eye contact when talking then she also likes you, but may be shy in being forward.

PHYSICAL CONTACT: If she sits close to you or touches your arm or clothes then she is trying to tell you that she is attracted to you. People are not generally over-touchy, so accept this as a guaranteed hint that she is flirting with you.
Bite The Bullet

Asking someone out on a date may be easy for some of us, while others it can catapult us on a whirlwind of anxiety and loss of confidence. Either she likes you or she doesn’t, it really is that simple. The majority of us have been turned down at some point, whether it’s someone we’ve just met in a bar or someone that we’ve had our eye on for a while. Do not let fear of rejection stop you – bite the bullet and ask her out!

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