The Cornerstones of a Successful Long-Term Relationship

We learn from our mistakes.

A failed relationship is a heart-wrenching experience but after the recovery, we notice a silvering lining. We’re able to see what went wrong and make significant lifestyle changes.

Doing so creates a fantastic opportunity to grow and find a new relationship. A relationship without these problematic actions. One that doesn’t have the burden.

This article will share the cornerstones of what you need to change if you plan to hold onto your significant other.


A vice is an immoral or wicked behavior. This may push it a little far if you want to discuss morality but the idea is firm. Men tend to be aggressive, addictive, and consume ourselves in activities which place our well-being at risk.

Drugs and alcohol, for example, are the crux which ends many great relationships. That person won’t return after trust has been betrayed and damage was done. We must take control of our vices if we want to keep these wonderful people in our lives. It could be done at home by tapering or through the help of professionals– providing an environment which encourages recovery.

This goes for your significant other too. You should communicate and voice your concerns if they are having problems. Be there for each other.


It’s easy for us to compare ourselves to others especially since we see these accomplishments every day when browsing our social media feeds. It harks back to the phrase of “keeping up with the Joneses”.

We begin to feel inadequate and this rubs off on our partner. It can create mood swings and bouts of depression. Our significant other tries to counsel our feelings but we push away.

Mindfulness is the practice of being happy with what you have and the direction you’re going. It’s a way of thinking which removes overbearing pressures. All it takes is taking a few minutes to reflect on accomplishments or writing a journal.

This allows us to free ourselves from these thoughts so we may use our mental energy to pursue the good parts in life and value the time we spend with our significant others.


A great relationship is an equal trade. One partner should not have complete control over the other.

Many men become infatuated with their significant other to the point they lose direction. They are willing to make drastic lifestyle changes or seclude from friends & family.

Listen to your significant other but keep your edge. Learn to say no.

The two of you found attraction because of the fun stories, interests, and experiences. It created an edge that was playful and fun. In time this edge gets worn down because you say “yes” to everything. Before long that fire seems to be gone. You’ve molded each other – removing much of the excitement.


Ask any successful couple and they’ll tell you that communication is key.

We all know this… but do we? Despite this being such a common suggestion for stable relationships we still find a way to mess it up. There are things you should never say to your girl. No, it doesn’t mean avoid the big issues – it’s the little things which come across as being insensitive.

Men are rather blunt and direct.

We talk to our buddies in short blurbs to get to the point which often removes emotion. It’s not that we’re trying to be insensitive. We’re getting to the point. It doesn’t always work this way with your significant other.

What do you do? Listen and choose your words.

Final Thoughts

It comes down to two things:

·  Being yourself

·  Communication

You can’t help others when you are the one in need of help. Help yourself first. When you find your passion and drive – it will radiate to your partner. You two will form a team. This will continue if you’re communicating, and not just problems but life goals and desires as well.

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