Baby Shower for the Girl, Diaper Party for the Guy?

These days the guy is almost just as involved during the baby shower as the pregnant counterpart, although she is still the center of attention, and rightfully so.  But other than maybe a dad or a brother joining in the wedding shower, it may not be the most fun for them to hang out with a hundred women opening gifts, so what about a party for the guy?  What about something to get the friends together?  A great way to have to get everyone together to party for the night, and oh yeah, celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby, is to have a diaper party for the father to be.  Celebrate with your friends and family, while donating a box of diapers at the same time.

Gather for Food and a Little Pre-Drinking

A good start to the day would be to have everyone over earlier in the day, fire up the BBQ, get a party sub, and get a little food in your system while you start drinking for the day.  Crack open a few beers, hang out, play some bean bag toss, and enjoy the company that will now doubt enjoy for the rest of the evening into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Time to Board the Party Bus

Now that you had a chance to get everyone over and begin the fun, a party bus is a great way to not only avoid drinking and drinking, but to have a great time going to each destination by passing around the shots, and blasting your favorite music to keep the energy up.  Always a good crowd pleaser is dusting off the old beer bong and quote “Frank the Tank” as it “hits your lips”.

Set a Place to Kill a Couple Hours

You have the party bus for 6 or 7 hours, so might as well take full advantage in it taking you everywhere throughout the night, so pick a place where you can have fun for an hour or two before the bar.  A somewhat new activity called Fowling, a mix between football and bowling, takes place at various warehouses, a large are to keep the group occupied, not to mention having a full bar.

Hit the Bars

The moment you’ve probably been waiting for, the bar crawl.  By now I’m sure everyone is in pretty good shape to finish the night having drinks and shots at your favorite bars.  Especially in a city where there are plenty of walkable bars, the party bus can park it and wait for the group to come back at closing time.

Head Back for the After Party

If you are lucky enough to be able to host an afterparty without waking a sleeping wife, you can end the night on a high note, or one drink too many and pass out.  The ride home sometimes can be a quiet one if people are starting to slow down, and keep an eye out for the friend that has partied too hard, as your credit card does not need a vomit cleanup charge.

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