Why is Dating so Difficult?

Either you are single and searching, or at the very least you used to be! In which case you probably remember all the hassles that go along with dating. I have often heard of both men and women have fears of marriage and long term commitments. They will say that there is a fear of having no more “firsts”. You know, a first date, first kiss, the first time having butterflies in your stomach after meeting someone. But don’t forget about all of those other firsts…like how awkward the first date and first kiss can really be. Or how to handle the check at the end of the night. Stop and remember why dating can be so difficult, and how you can ease the tension if you are still in the game.

Meeting People

I remember how difficult it was meeting someone of substance that you actually wanted to go out on a date with, and then was happy after the fact. Often times you might be in a different place in life, perhaps looking for something more casual and less serious. To which there is nothing wrong with that.

Inexpensive Dating

The other most common complaint I hear is about how expensive dating can be! I can definitely attest to that, I spent most of my weekly paychecks buying dinners and going to the movies with women. Try and do more outdoor activities during the nicer weather. Days at the park and lake can be quite enjoyable and cost much less than dinner and a movie. If you are stuck in the winter months then consider inviting them over to your house for a home cooked meal and perhaps a less inexpensive movie rental.

Finding the Time

Life is busy, and it seems that the present is never an exception. Learn how to balance your life between work and pleasure. Make time to do your best at work, but also carve out time for friends, family, and some time for intimacy as well. This will help you keep everything balanced and much happier in the long run.

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