Calling It Quits: How to Get Over a Breakup and Move On With Your Life

When it comes to breakups, they’re never easy, whether you’re the “breaker” or the “broken-hearted.” It’s really a life-changing event if you really think about it… and the stress associated with such a change in your life can take a huge toll on your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Although breakups aren’t easy to deal with, especially if you’re the one getting broken up with, it’s easy to say that the other person is missing out on a good thing in you, and that may very well be true but getting broken up with also forces you to take a good look at yourself too. If you’re always on the receiving end of breakups, you’ll need to re-evaluate yourself and try to get to the bottom of why you’re always getting dumped. Maybe you’re too jealous… maybe you’re too needy… but whatever you’re doing you need to figure it out before you try to hop in another relationship; it will save you heartache because old habits are hard to break. If you can figure out what you’ve been doing or not doing, you can move forward trying to work on those personal areas. Whether your breakup was one-sided or mutual, the way you cope with your breakup is going to be what’s going to help you move on with your life. Everybody handles breakups differently too but we’re going to look at some healthy and fun ways to clear your mind and get over your ex.

Get Your Ex Out of Your System

How on Earth can you get your ex out of your system? Well, it’s quite simple. In the beginning, it will be hard to get them out of your head but one way to get them out of your head is to remove/get rid of any reminders of them. Old pictures, old clothing, playlists… any remnants of them, get rid of it! Also, you want to unfollow them on social media. You don’t need to see how they’ve moved on with their life and is completely happy without you, while you’re still sulking in sadness over the memory of what was and what could have been… You don’t need to see the period… out of sight, out of mind!

Reinvent Yourself

Nothing screams breakup better than hitting the gym. Everyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows about the love pounds… You know, the pounds that you gain when you are so happy in your relationship that you don’t even realize you’ve gained weight because you’re so wrapped up in each other. Well, a breakup is a perfect time to shed that weight, wipe those tears, and bring your sexy back! Whether you choose to join a gym or go for evening runs, nothing makes an ex notice you more and rethink their decision on leaving you, than see a more toned and slim physique. At that point in time, you’ve moved on, gained your confidence back, and your ex has become a distant memory.

Party Your Ex Out of Your Mind

Some people think that partying your emotions away is unhealthy but it’s actually not… not necessarily. When people go to parties, they may have drinks and dance the night away and even get a few phone numbers but the therapeutic part there is that you get to meet new people. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that the most effective way for men and women to get over an ex is to date other people, and there’s nothing wrong with meeting someone new at a club… Who knows, you might meet your soulmate having a lavish night out on the town!

Have Moments of Self-Reflection and Self-Love

As mentioned earlier, when you go through a breakup, you start to have all kinds of thoughts run through your mind. You, of course, will feel “down in the dumps,” but you may also start to feel hopeless that’ll you’ll never find happiness again and you might even feel worthless as though you don’t deserve to find happiness again. It’s normal to have those feelings but a lot of the times, those feelings aren’t even necessary. With breakups, the damage is done, the next steps are for you to work on moving forward. You need to take the time to grieve the relationship and not bottle up your emotions and feelings, and then take the time to realize all the good the positive things that came from the relationship and all the good things that will happen for you after the relationship has ended… it starts with loving yourself.

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