Three Crazy Mash-up Genres to Keep an Eye On in 2015

With changing generations their musical styles are also changing. I remember my parents looking at me as if I was a fool when I started listening to Kraftwerk. I loved their pure, precise mixture of computer-generated sounds – whereas my folks could only hear some annoying noise. Now I am a father, and I can’t understand what my son loves about dubstep. I remember when my computer gave out similar sounds when it froze mid-track – now it’s called music, played in clubs and the Music Television.

But there are several more interesting – sometimes crazy – genre mash-ups making their way through the global musical scene today. And I have to admit – there is at least one that I find interesting… and maybe even a bit appealing to my tastes.

Country Dance Music

This is a musical style that is a lot like traditional country music, but with much more kick and bass added to the mix. The phenomenon didn’t appear this year – the first such tunes were released back in 2013, and the style is getting a lot of popularity lately. Four-on-the-floor beats mixed with country-style vocals and and melodies make up this new genre, which is apparently here to stay.

Heroine Pop

No, there are no needles or white dust involved – Heroine Pop is about the female singer, her experiences in life and frustrations about anything, really. Virgin has defined the genre in a blog post as a ” low-gloss style of female pop songwriting, where the singer crafts frank and unglamorous stories about adolescence, sex and class”. The most notable performers of the genre are Lorde, Sky Ferreira, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX or Iggy Azalea.


I think I’m not lying when I say I can’t stand dubstep. Maybe it’s because of its boom in popularity – dubstep flowing from everywhere, all day, has made my “toupee give the salute” several times – or maybe it’s because it sound like Winamp crashing mid-song, one thing is for sure: I hate it. But mixed with a bit of instrumental music… well, it goes.

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Dubstazz (or jazzstep) is a mash-up of jazz and blues sounds with dubstep or other DJ-produced electronic music. It has lost the wobbles that made my teeth ache, but it didn’t deviate too much toward jazz and blues, finding the right path somewhere in the middle. This new sound might be a more “artistic” deviation from dubstep, and I must say that overall it is a welcome one.

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