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Man Knowledge – Page 6

10 Insane Truths About Cars

Did you know that the first major Australian carmaker was Ford? Are you aware that almost 210,000 car were produced in Australia in 2012? Can you believe that a vehicle is stolen in Australia every 9 minutes! Below are ten of the most insane (but true) facts about cars. 1.       SLOW DOWN The largest speeding […]

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Good

Properly cleaning your car means it can look as good as it runs. You can simply take it to the car wash, or even pay a professional detailer hundreds of dollars. However, not only will cleaning the car yourself save money, it’s actually a really easy job to do. Here are some great and easy […]

The 10 Weapons That Changed Everything

As the battle over the 2nd Amendment rages on in America, it’s easy to forget how we got to where we are today. No, I’m not talking about the history of background checks, restricting the purchase of AR-15s, or the soaring prices of brass. I’m talking about ancients weapons and how we’ve been developing more […]

The 4 Deadly Steakhouse Sins

Beware of the Steak Scam A friend today asked me what was the greatest hamburger I had of all-time. I told him one I made at home. In fact, I feel embarrassed even cooking for myself if I don’t think its good enough to pay for at a restaurant. Having told him that, the next […]

Keeping the Petrol Head Alive: Family Friendly Cars With Clout

The following is a guest post from UK motoring blogger Victoria Browne. If you’re interested in men’s lifestyle guest posting, check out our guidelines here. So it’s happened. You’ve grown up, manned up and created your own little bundles of joy. Congratulations you’re now a dad with all the material possessions that come with (and […]

Looking Back – Movember’s Best Videos

Movember is gone, December is come. Did you grow out an amazing beard? Don’t forget the rules of Movember–you don’t just chop it off. You grew it out to turn it into an awesome ‘stache on December 1. OR, you may have retained your beardliness because you’re just that manly. As for me, I’m retaining […]

The No Shave Showdown – The Best Beards Face Off

It’s Movember! Read our Ultimate Guide to Spontaneous Moustache Growing and Care! Created by http://www.directtvbeatscable.com Don’t miss out on Fearless Men’s Dollar Shave Club Give-A-Way below! Shave time. Shave money. Dollar Shave Club is an awesome subscription razor service that is bound to save you big bucks on scraping that face. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Man’s Greatest Paradises – 30 Unreal Places To Visit Before You Die

                                                         Unreal Places To Visit Before You Die 1 – 30 31-60 Coming Soon…

Movember – The Ultimate Guide to Spontaneous Moustache Growing and Care

Movember might be upon us, but it’s always a good plan to grow a moustache – especially as winter is coming, because that fluffy, tufty moustache will keep your upper lip toasty warm through the colder days! Not only that, it also seems that moustaches are growing in popularity – yep, that’s right, some people […]

Man Lessons Learned | Zombieland Survival Rules

The Zombie genre has had its own resurgence in the last few years but it never really took off for me. I’m not into all the gore and action scenes alone. I need some storyline and character study to watch it. So while everyone was watching Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later I […]