25 Things the MYST Game Taught Us About Real Life

myst picIt is hard to think we might possibly learn something from a game, even one of the top 10 board games, but some hold interesting life lessons. We just have to know how to evaluate and relate life, to a computer filled with graphical entertainment, puzzles and life determining decisions. We’d like to share 25 ways in which the MYST game taught or helped us in life.

1.We have to pay attention in order to understand.

Atrus’ notes, journals and audio during the beginning can help us to learn to listen, and understand empathy towards others, as we relate to his memories. This can help us to better comprehend verbal instruction, or simply relate to the struggles of friends, coworkers and family members.

2.There are times we must struggle, in order to succeed.

Myst can seem complicated, but struggling through the task is always worth it, in order to move forward in the game. The next stage was always the more exciting than the last. Determination is a necessary skill to have in life, even when things get rough. Those that give up easily in life never seem to get very far.

3.Literacy is fundamental in life.

Being literate is a necessity in the game Myst, as you have to read and understand the directions to complete the stage. When it comes to life, illiteracy will get you nowhere. Reading and writing is one of the first things we start to learn, even before school.

4.Life is full of some interesting and some insane characters.

Myst is full of unique and interesting characters. Each has to be dealt with in a specific way in order to take the next step. In life, we meet and deal with a variety of people, some nice, some not so nice. Regardless of their emotional inclination, we must often time deal with these individuals in order to become successful.

5.Experiencing different environments is a normal part of day to day life.

The Myst stage settings are graphically detailed. Some environments are visually stimulating, peaceful and serene. Other stages become tense, stressful and occasionally disturbing. When it comes to life, things are pretty much the same. We experience places of interest and other places that we would rather have just skipped, however all are necessary for us to get where we need to be, and evolve.

 6.Metaphorically speaking, we can be large and in charge.

The use of alliteration, similes and metaphors are used throughout MYST. We often go through life using utilizing these same things, especially when teaching or training others. Those in management positions probably make the most use of the language arts.

7.We always add or subtract something in life, especially when it comes to bills.

Mathematical problem solving occurs in several of the MYST puzzles. Though MYST is a lot more fun than doing a budget, they both offer challenges that can be highly stimulating or annoyingly stressful.

8.Instead of being blinded by Science, find the benefits.

MYST is full of amazing plant species that suffer various effects in different settings. It has been whispered that many a botany major got their start on MYST. Realistically, the creative inspiration behind the environment and weather, along with their effects in game can inspire us out of game when it comes to gardening, temperature, climate and other science related tasks.

9.Biology is not just about boy meets girl, it is we meet world.

The animals and life forms of MYST have been mimicked in art all over the net, along with in game interaction with them. In some cases, this has helped us to open our minds to new and unique life forms, and to be caring, yet cautions with our initial dealings. Those dealing with the newly discovered life forms from Mars might very well be MYST veterans.

10.Environmental issues can effect life as we know it.

Poor decision making in MYST could result in complete environmental catastrophe, just like it can in real life. If the temperature gets to hot or cold, inside or out, plant life, along with pets can suffer for it. At home, in the office, the vehicle or outside, it is important to find the right environment for us, along with any pets.

11.No one’s position in the food chain is ensured for life.

In MYST, there is an obvious food chain, and realistically, we have a food chain of our own. Despite the fact it may seem cruel at times, we all have to eat. Although humanity is at the top now, just as thing change in game, the daily creation of GMOs with no guarantee of success or failure means positions are flexible.

12.Art can bring the imagination to life, and with it new graphical creations.

The world of MYST is truly a creative inspiration for its era. It inspired a generation of young gamers to explore the game world, and eventually create different games with even more incredible graphics. The past decade video and computer games have gotten more detailed, and produced even more amazing graphical worlds and creatures, inspiring yet another generation of gamers. This is a pattern that will continue into the future.

13.The devil is in the details.

The lands of MYST are all immaculately detailed and in order to find needed locations, one has to pay attention to those details. In ways, this shaped our ability to get around as adults. We paid attention to those details in game, as we pay attention to the details in life. It might be that small detail that answers a question, or resolves a problem.

14.Maps get us where we need to go.

The maps of MYST were detrimental to finding our way around, as exploration can be virtually unlimited. Anytime we have to go to a new city, reading a map can be a true life saver. GPS is great, but it can tell you to drive through a building on the occasion. An up to date map will get us where we need to go.

15.There is a method to most madness.

MYST offers multiple endings dependant on what choice is made, ranging from freedom to imprisonment. Just as we listen to the tales of Atrus’ and his sons in game, so we must often hear tales at work, home, school and more. We must determine what path to take in order to continue being free, or suffer for our mistakes.

16. Reading comprehension is a skill, some have it, some do not.

Comprehending what we read in MYST determines what path we take, and where we end up. Comprehending what we see and read in life, will help determine our path, from delivery driver to CEO.

17.Persuasive writing is meant to persuade.

The tale of the two brothers, with each spewing disdain of the other, is meant to deter us, to one side or another. However, helping the brothers lands us in prison. This is a clear message that those in desperation will often say or do anything in order to avoid the justice. The same can be proven true in life, and making those kind of calls can be much more difficult than in game.

18.Drama Queens are all about the reaction.

There is definite drama between the brothers of MYST, and those who live their lives without drama are truly blessed. We can encounter drama from home to the office, even while driving. The world is filled with drama queens, and we can choose to be a part of it, or head the opposite direction.

19.Drawing conclusions, based on truth or delusions.

The brothers both try to lead us towards the conclusion they desire, and we must determine the truth from the delusion. Both brothers are lost in their own delusion of the truth, just as many people have blurred versions of reality. In life, we must determine who plays games and who stays grounded in reality, within our inner circle.

20.Puzzles are puzzling.

Puzzles can truly be puzzling. It may be a tossup between MYST puzzles, and some of the puzzling aspects of life. There will also be questions in which the answers seem elusive, making them somewhat puzzling.

21.Relationships are part of life.

Relationships are an important part of MYST, as the relationships we decide upon, predict our fate. In life, we must also decide upon relationships that will be predicting our fate…

22.A mistake is just a stepping stone.

A skip across the stepping stones in MYST may lead to a mistake, but the cool thing about the game is you can do it over. When it comes to the game of life, mistakes are just a stepping stone that we can learn from, and move forward.

23.Declare your own independence.

MYST is a solo player game, with success or failure up to us as an individual. Life is much the same. When we learn to depend on ourselves first, we can achieve our own success and independence.

24.Be positive.

MYST can be a frustrating game at times, but getting angry resolves nothing. Life is the same, but you get more flies with honey then vinegar. It is better to maintain a positive attitude, as it will draw more of the same around you.

25.Life can be short.

In MYST, death can happen, or we might just wish for it when trapped in say… a prison. In life, we have to make our choices based on what we want in life, but most of all, we need to enjoy the time we have.

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