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It’s finally here! Kyle has been working on this app for years and now he’s brought manly knowledge to our fingertips. I was one of the lucky few that got to beta test it the past month. As I started passing levels I thought to myself, “I know more manly stuff then I thought I did”. It seemed a bit too easy. Then the questions started getting tougher and I wasn’t passing levels as fast as at first. But I’ll tell you what, I was learning a lot more. Just take a look at the questions and you tell me if they’re not things you’d like to know.

Sample Question 1Sample Question 3Sample Question 2

Sample Question 4Sample Question 11Sample Question 5

Questions on sports? You got it! Poker? You got it! Power tools? Yep! Beer? Absolutely! And other subjects like history, politics and military. You name it!

Here’s an excerpt from the Mantelligence press release:


As men mature, they’re expected to know certain things that aren’t printed in textbooks.

They should know the difference between a socket and a crescent wrench, that the penalty for a false start is 5 yards and that storing beer upright helps to reduce oxidation.

Mantelligence is a revolutionary new type of game that’s designed to teach men the bullet points of manliness.

We combined this concept of man-telligence with the excitement and fun of a video game and, as a result, have created a one of a kind new app for men.

To be a real man, you need more than an axe and a flannel. To be a real man, you need Mantelligence!

To see a video trailer of the exciting new Manteligence app, please click here to view the video on vimeo).

When Todd and I started Fearless Men one of our goals was to share knowledge. We can all read books and we can all travel the world. But there’s something about gaining knowledge with other men. Listening to their experiences and opinions on sports, movies, and how to change the world is just a start. And now we have an app and some friendly competition to drive the score up. So head on over to Mantelligence and download the app. Earn some manly knowledge with your smart phone while you’re on the run or waiting in line. It’s that easy! Enter the labyrinth…the gauntlet has been thrown. Download the app at Mantelligence to accept the challenge!

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As part of the launch they are giving away a brand new Xbox One right here!

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