Easy All Natural Solutions to Common Skin Care Issues for Men

Though men don’t get the same judgment as women with flawed skin, it goes without saying that even the manliest man wants to look his best. After all, how are you going to attract all the ladies when your face looks like a Hot Tamale or a Nestle crunch bar? Sure the occasional bump or scar is to be expected, but when you’re dealing with skin issues like skin tags, sun burn, or ingrown hairs, this can be a certified buzz kill that won’t go over well with the ladies.

Since you’re probably not going to spend hours researching the best skincare products or even take the time to use two and three part regimens to get the job done, you might find these easy all natural hacks for common skin care issues to be beneficial.

Skin Tags

You go to bed and wake up to find that you have a tiny growth on your body. Where in the world did it come from? Often referred to as a skin tag it is ideally excess skin that is the direct result of friction. They tend to appear around the eyelids, near the armpit, and even near groin folds. The good news, you don’t need to have them surgically removed.

Solution: If you’ve noticed tiny soft skin growths in any of the areas described above, you can utilize all natural skin tag removal products and watch them disappear. While some might suggest taking some dental floss and depriving the excess skin of blood supply, you’d probably look a bit crazy walking around with a string hanging from your face. Typically using an all natural product is the better way to go. By applying the skin care treatment as instructed, you should notice that the skin tags shrink in size and fall off with time.

Ingrown Hairs

Do you often get ingrown hairs or razor bumps around the areas you shave? For some reason the hair you’re trying to get rid of has decided that it wants to start growing in again. However, this time, it’s growing into the skin instead of out. When you take a look in the mirror these aren’t the most attractive thing to see. If you were thinking about simply going “cave man” status and forgo the shaving altogether, think again as there are easy solutions to resolving the matter:

Solution: Aside from switching razor blades there is an old trick that just might get rid of your ingrown hairs for good – coffee grounds. Yup, you read that right, coffee grounds. There are certain properties in caffeine that make it great for easing inflammation. You’ll need to mix a spoonful of coffee grounds (cooled) with a small amount of your daily facial moisturizer (or water if you’d prefer). Massage this mixture onto the affected areas over the next few days for improved results.


Who says that warts are a little boy’s issue? They can occur at any age unfortunately. Warts are small skin growths that can be found on parts of the body as a result of a virus. They are typically painless in nature, but of course are not the easiest on the eyes.

Solution: Garlic. Unless you’re a secret vampire you shouldn’t have an issue with this remedy. It’s easy to do and what’s even better is that you probably have this in your pantry (that is if you prep your own meals). Take a small amount of fresh garlic and apply it to the affected area. Place a bandage on the wart for a period of 5-6 days. Over time, the wart should blister and then fall off.


Are you the red faced guy who forgot to put on sunscreen before showing off at the beach? If so, you’re probably very red and very sore. Though applying sunscreen and only staying in the sun for small blocks of time is your best line of defense, if you should happen to get burned, there is a solution.

Solution: You’ll need a tea bag and some plain yogurt. Take the tea bag and steep it in cold water for about 15 minutes. Once finished, cut the tea bag open and mix the contents with ½ a cup of plain yogurt. Take the mixture and apply it to the affected parts of your body for about ten minutes and then rinse off. You’ll need to repeat this at least three times per day until the sunburn starts to subside.

Baggy Eyes

That’s right fellas, ladies are not the only ones who have to deal with those bags under the eye. When a person is sleep deprived it can cause the blood vessels underneath the eye to dilate which leaves behind the unsightly dark puffy bags of skin. Though we likely won’t put on makeup to try and cover them up, or hid behind the sunglasses for a better part of the day, there are things we can do to get rid of them. If you’re looking for a specific product, check out a Philosophy skin care review and read about their Eye Hope products as they’re good at preventing eye bags.

Solution: Tea bags will be your savior in this instance. Black tea has tannins in it which help to slow the blood flow to a particular area which can help to tighten up the skin underneath the eye. You’ll need to steep two tea bags in boiling water (1 cup of water) for about two minutes. Allow the tea bags to cool down. Then take the cooled bags and place them on your eyes for about five minutes.

There you have it. Some of the most common skin issues for men and simplistic remedies to solving them. Whether you simply want to impress that special someone, are trying to land a job, or just want to look your best, these are some tried and true methods that can resolve the matter in just a few short days. So before you head off to purchase a list of skin care products or decide to stay in hiding until your skin clears up, try each of these methods for impressive results.

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