New “Master of Beards” Competition – Have we reached Peak Beard yet?

New Master of Beards competition from Tesco direct suggests we haven’t reached ‘peak beard’ yet

—Tesco direct invites beard-wearers to upload a photo of their best facial hair styles to win hundreds of pounds-worth of electric razors and beard trimming equipment—

The trendy beard is here to stay, according to Tesco direct, with their new competition to find the UK’s own Master of Beards. Though there have been rumours of beards becoming less appealing as the number of men wearing them increases – a phenomenon known as ‘peak beard’ – the supermarket giant is keen to disprove this theory by inviting facial hair fans to upload a photo of their best beard-styling efforts.

Users will then vote for their favourite beards in five different categories from Super Sideburns to a Brilliant Full Beard. The beard-grower with the most votes in each category will win a People’s Choice prize of over £250’s worth of electric razors and beard trimming equipment, while the Judge’s Choice prize, worth over £850, will be awarded to one overall winner.

Tesco’s Master of Beards also provides some golden rules to help shape and shave your beard to perfection based on the five categories, so whether you’re a stubble addict or keen to sport a carefully coiffured moustache, there are expert tips on hand.

Despite peak beard fears, it seems there’s no shortage of attractive hirsute men in Britain right now, so if you’re looking for some inspiration for the competition, you can do no better than checking out the example of famous names from Jude Law to Jeremy Paxman.

Trimmed, primed and ready to enter? Click here to choose a beard style, upload your photo and amaze the beard fans of Britain with your facial creations!



  1. Cant go past the fire fighter mo!

  2. The truck driver handle bar mo is also a classic…

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