Men and their Motorcycles: What You Need to Know

motorcyclesLast year I purchased a Yamaha R6 for recreational riding. If you’ve never ridden you’re missing out. The wind blowing by you as you cut through the air. There is something about motorcycles that draws in a certain type of people. We’re not defined by stereotypes, and we come in all ages, sizes, professions, and beliefs.

It’s what our hearts desire that make us the right sort of people   to sit on that seat and ride. It’s a need to feel the wind in their hair, to fly like a bird without leaving the ground. It’s a type of freedom that you just can’t get behind the wheel of a car. A motorcycle, for us, is like a gateway into another world.

But there’s more to know then just riding your bike. Maintenance, safety, storage are all things you must know.

What you already know:

It’s no big secret that there are financial benefits to owning a motorcycle as well.

  • They are more fuel efficient, which means saving a lot of money on gas. This is particularly important if you do a lot of driving around town.
  • They are more affordable than other vehicles, as long as you stay away from high end motorcycles the purchase price is significantly lower.
  • The maintenance is easier. There’s no digging under a hood. Some motorcycle drivers learn to fix most problems themselves and leave the big jobs to the professionals.
  • Some motorcycle insurance plans offer accessory coverage for after-market parts like trickle chargers and safety apparel.

What you don’t know:

Like most things that are exclusive to the few who join the club, there are things you don’t know about owning a motorcycle that no one tells you. There are pros and cons to this list, too.


  1. So insurance is cheaper, but why? While the laws governing insurance are generally the same for coverage, the cost of the vehicle replacement is generally lower than cars, trucks, and SUVs. They also cause less damage in accidents than larger vehicles. These facts allow insurance companies to charge lower rates because they are taking on less risk.
  2. Biker clubs. You buy a bike, you join a club. Most new motorcyclists find that they enjoy riding more when they do it with people who share in their passion. Clubs will bring you closer to a group of people you can ride with (and share unique experiences with). It’s like a new sense of community you get only when atop the motorcycle.
  3. The zen of it. Everyone understands that there is a certain amount of zen that comes from riding a motorcycle. What most people who don’t own one don’t understand is the zen that also comes from doing routine maintenance and polishing that sacred piece of machinery.


  1. Park it in the garage. It doesn’t even cross your mind to leave the motorcycle outside overnight on a nice night; however, experienced motorcyclists know that parking it the garage keeps away most of the debris and pests that can take up residence on the inside of the vehicle. Wasps love tailpipes. Spiders love crevices.
  2. Ever wonder why motorcyclists let a car pass close to a stoplight? No light triggering. Motorcycles just don’t weigh enough. That means those stoplights that normally trigger when you pull up a car will not always notice a rumbling motorcycle. Be prepared for one of two options: running the red light or finding ways to get around the long way that don’t involve lights.
  3. It’s dirty, and no big surprise here. When you ride a motorcycle, you are subject to the bugs that fly at you, as well as the puddles you ride through and the dirt that other vehicles kick up off the road. It’s part of the reason motorcyclists have high windshields, face masks on helmets, and good riding boots. They protect from the layers of filth.

There are pros and cons to everything in life. That doesn’t mean you can’t weight them out and make a good decision. In the long run you can save a lot of money owning a motorcycle.

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