Ways to Save on Monthly Expenses

It’s no wonder most live paycheck to paycheck by the time you factor in monthly bills, food, gas, a little spending money, not to mention, hopefully saving for retirement. Sure, the amount you spend each month will quickly outweigh the money that’s coming in … [Read More...]

Love Life

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What NOT To Say To Your Girl – Get Out of the Dog House Today

Don’t dig yourself a grave. Don’t shove your foot in your mouth. Don’t get your teeth broke (by your own foot or a woman’s knuckle sandwich). I’ve gathered some sage wisdom from men and women to spare you further pain. Don’t open your mouth again without … [Read More...]

Better Man

How to Overcome Fear Joseph Kittinger – Lesson 1 – Have A Well-Thought Plan

There's something about guys we think are fearless that we really respect and admire. Men who break the sound barrier. Men who reach the moon-knowing fully that it'd never been done before and they could die alone in space. We want to be like men we've read … [Read More...]

General Colin Powell’s 13 Rules of Leadership

What do you keep under your desk? For General Colin Powell, he keeps a list of sayings that keep him on track. A list of reminders from the moment he sits down each day. Some of these sayings eventually got published and became known as Colin Powell's 13 rules … [Read More]

Blogger Round-up – Fashion, Travel, Finance and Health

Want to trump fear and make your finances grow? I’ve gathered insights from some of the best minds on travel, fashion, budgeting, business, and investing. Check out this burgeoning list of free money wisdom. This lifestyle “carnival” is hosted weekly around … [Read More]

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30 Years and 30 Life Lessons

I just entered my 30s earlier this year. A lot of people asked me what I was thinking about leading up to my birthday, and it mostly was excitement. As I looked back, I felt pretty young and realized I’ve still got lots of life left. With that in mind, I … [Read More]

Live in your Investment – How to Eliminate Life’s Biggest Expense

ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t miss out on the rest of Fearless Men’s Personal Finance Insight at our NEW Site FearlessDollar.com. In my line of work I often see a lot of people headed for financial disaster and part of my responsibility is to help find ways to fix … [Read More]

New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions: Are They A Waste? Time for a New Year’s FOCUS

I absolutely hate New Year’s Resolution articles. The web this past week, and I’m sure the week coming,  has been plastered with stupid ideas for stuff we should change about ourselves. So I feel embarrassed that “New Year’s Resolution” is even in the title of … [Read More]

The 10 Weapons That Changed Everything

As the battle over the 2nd Amendment rages on in America, it's easy to forget how we got to where we are today. No, I'm not talking about the history of background checks, restricting the purchase of AR-15s, or the soaring prices of brass. I'm talking about … [Read More]