Ways to Save on Monthly Expenses

It’s no wonder most live paycheck to paycheck by the time you factor in monthly bills, food, gas, a little spending money, not to mention, hopefully saving for retirement. Sure, the amount you spend each month will quickly outweigh the money that’s coming in … [Read More...]

Love Life

Where To Go On A First Date [Infographic]

After yesterday's excellent post by guest blogger Anna on How To Make A Good First Impression: Get The Next Date Right, I was thinking about that "next date." A big part of making a good first impression is knowing where to go on a first date. While chewing … [Read More...]

Better Man

Fatherhood Is NOT For Everyone

“The appeal of fatherhood is that it irrevocably binds you to another person. Sex is basically an exchange of pleasantries now. Marriage is instantly reversible. But fatherhood is real.” -Esquire Magazine While I normally agree with my friends over at … [Read More...]

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Good

Properly cleaning your car means it can look as good as it runs. You can simply take it to the car wash, or even pay a professional detailer hundreds of dollars. However, not only will cleaning the car yourself save money, it’s actually a really easy job to … [Read More]

Top 5 Power Cars for Men

For some, a car is merely a means of getting from one place to another. But for those who recognize that cars are more than merely means of conveyance, cars offer a way to express oneself, bond with others, and leave your mark on the world. Given the power, … [Read More]

Something Odd: Does One Day Car Insurance Exist?

While you probably drive your car more frequently than anyone else’s, there are plenty of times when you may need to drive someone else’s vehicle instead. In these instances, your insurance may not cover their car and their insurance may not cover you if you … [Read More]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Are you saying to yourself “Oh crap, it’s Valentine’s Day? Now what?” All hope is not lost! What’s a guy to do if he has to make last minute Valentine's Day plans? It’s simple. You still do the same things you’d do if you’d planned ahead. Still have time … [Read More]

Valentine’s Day Date-Getting Ahead Planning The Perfect Valentine Date

Don’t worry! Planning a Valentine's Day Date doesn't have to be stressful. Men can sometimes sweat the details of putting together and planning a great Valentine's Day date. Here’s some simple ideas to guide you as you're planning a Valentine's Day date for … [Read More]

A Classic Date for Valentine’s Day

When I think of Valentine’s Day I picture hearts, chocolate, and couples in love. Although the day wasn’t created for those three things in mind, Valentine’s Day has become a celebration of showing affection to loved ones and hopeful loved ones. Now, that … [Read More]