Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Woody ValentineAre you saying to yourself “Oh crap, it’s Valentine’s Day? Now what?” All hope is not lost! What’s a guy to do if he has to make last minute Valentine’s Day plans?

It’s simple. You still do the same things you’d do if you’d planned ahead.

Still have time instead of making last minute Valentine’s Day plans? Check out last week’s article Getting Ahead: Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date.



#1-Make the Day about her.

Aim to keep her at the center. Aim to make her feel special. That’s really what the whole day is about, right? So whatever you do, focus in on that, and you’ll be able to say, “Mission Accomplished.”

#2-Write her notes. Several.

The night before, write out at least 3-4 notes to give her. You can hide them places, or just give them to her at the beginning of the day with times written on them when she is allowed to open them.

OR, per my lady friend, you can write her a letter. Women love letters. Write “10 Things I Love About You.” Start it sweet, write about the 10 things about her that drive you wild, then end it with another sweet note. Boom. You’re awesome.

#3-Send, or make, her an invite for a date

While you’re in the writing mode, make up an invite to a date. Even if you haven’t planned it yet. Set a day and start time (it might be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or whenever you can both make it).

If you’re like me, people can’t read your handwriting. I’d never in my life make a hand-written invite. Unless I was dating a Kindergarten teacher and she was grand at reading incomprehensible, childish scribblings. Or a person who loves horror films. Because, otherwise, they’d think a murderous spirit wrote them some bizarre love invite.

Ahem. As I was saying, make her an invite. Online, on your computer, buy a card and fill it out, whatever. Just make asking her out special and unique. Here’s how.

#4-What do I do for dinner? All the good restaurants are booked.

Make her dinner. Can’t cook? Well, if she’s your wife there’s no hiding that. But you can still fake it-whether you’re married or single.

The Lame Man’s Guide To Fake Cooking

A. Go buy a pre-mixed salad. Throw it in a big salad bowl. Pretend you made it yourself.

B. Go buy a dinner that’ll look awesome on a platter. Bake it. Put it on a platter. Pretend you made it yourself.

C. Go buy a bottle of wine. Pour it in a glass. Pretend you stomped the grapes yourself.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually tried the above because I can cook. You can still go the above route, but you may be found out to be a phony. A sweet, caring, hard-working phony.

#5 If all else fails

Here’s what my lady friend advises for the simple man: Go get her flowers, a card, and chocolates. That’s the base stuff that’s easy. And she won’t know the difference had you planned those things a month in advance.

I heard one man trying to make last minute Valentine’s Day plans did this:

He took newspaper and cut up a ton of hearts. He wrote a nice little note on each one.

Then he took two coffee mugs—one for him, one for her—and tied the handles together with string. He filled the coffee mugs with the hearts.

Viola. A last minute Valentine’s Day gift! I’d never thought of doing it myself. But someone sitting next to me just told me about it. And she swears it’s awesome.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Remember, V-Day is all about her. Make it your #1 priority to make her feel special. Aim for that, even if you’re making last minute Valentine’s Day plans, and I’m sure you’ll still hit the mark.

Still got time instead of making last minute Valentine’s Day plans? Check out last week’s article Getting Ahead: Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date.

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  1. Good calls all around! I’m going flowers, notes and a concert at night. This is after a few years of nada! Luckily my wife doesn’t like V day too much…

  2. Ah yes, notes are so lovely 🙂 They will definitely go a long way.

  3. Dude, with cooking tips like that, you should create a SPIKE TV manly cooking show.

  4. If you can read, you can cook! It’s still a day away. Pick something that looks easy to make, get the ingredients and try making it tonight so you know how to not burn or overcook it tomorrow.

  5. Regardless of what you do, I believe if you cover step 1 it will be hard to go wrong.

  6. I use to write my wife little notes all day and then hide them in her purse were she could find them later. I would always hear about it when I got home from work.

  7. I have a feeling that I’m the worst husband of all time. We’re not doing anything special; although I may consider writing her a note. Beyond that, I don’t think I’ll be doing much…however, after reading all of this stuff the past few days I’m beginning to feel guilty.

    We will however be enjoying a very sentimental dinner: Pasta Roni! (It’s a long story)

  8. How’s it going fellas? Hope you all had a happy and exciting Valentine’s Day. I was running out of time to get a gift, and honestly, I’ve been so busy with work, school, and building websites I almost forgot it was v day! Thanks to one of my good bro’s I pulled it off. Here’s what I did for a last minute gift…I went on fiver and found a guy in the Cook Islands to go down to the beach and sing a personalized Valentine’s song for my love on his ukulele. It was awesome and she loved it! Talk about an awesome last minute gift…I will have to plan ahead to top that next year!

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