7 Great Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Good

Young man washing his carProperly cleaning your car means it can look as good as it runs. You can simply take it to the car wash, or even pay a professional detailer hundreds of dollars. However, not only will cleaning the car yourself save money, it’s actually a really easy job to do. Here are some great and easy ways to help you keep your car looking good.

1.       Make cleaning your car a regular chore

Get into a routine of cleaning your car. Make it a Sunday chore. Mark it out in your calendar. Even better, you can keep your car looking good by trying to remember to take the rubbish of your car every time you get out of your car.

2.       Work from inside out

Most people tend to wash the outside before the inside of their car. However, it’s always better to clean a car’s passenger cabin before washing the exterior to avoid getting dust and dirt on what would otherwise be spotless body panels.

3.       Clean off those bird droppings or tree sap as soon as possible

Mother Nature can be harmful to your car. Clean those bird droppings and/or tree sap as quick as you can to avoid damage to the paint of your car. Better yet, if you can keep your car in a garage, not only will you be scrubbing away those marks less often but you will also reduce harmful UV rays and the risk of your car being stolen!

4.       Scrub your car with a sponge not with a brush and don’t use household products like hand soap or dishwashing detergent

Using a brush or really hard sponge will cause scratches to your car and damage your paint. Even if you are finding it hard to wash something off your car, don’t turn to using a scourer.  Household products like hand soap and dishwashing detergent can also strip the car paint. Make sure you are using clean water at all times and are only using approved carwash soap.

5.       Wax your car occasionally

Waxing your car is not the simplest of methods. It can also be a bit pricier than a normal wash. However, if done on the odd occasion, it can be an effective way to make washing your car next time much easier as it provides an important protective coating.

6.       Clean up that mess quickly

If you let a spill or stains linger for any period of time in your car, it can quickly become impossible to remove. Accidents can happen in the car. Just remember to clean it up quickly before it becomes a part of the ‘character’ of your car.

7.       It’s the details that count

Treat your car’s tires, exterior rubber and/or plastic trim with a plastic/rubber protector. You can also use a specific tire foam/shine product to give your car’s tires a wet-look shine and further protect the rubber compound against fading and cracking.

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  1. Great article. I can personally make my car look good without spending that much in car wash shop. Thanks for this tips.

  2. Great and simple advice!!A circular motions can actually create swirl marks. A better technique is to use a gentle sweep in one direction, from front to back. Frequent washings with good detailing techniques will keep your car’s finish beautiful for a long time.

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