A Classic Date for Valentine’s Day

V Day LadyWhen I think of Valentine’s Day I picture hearts, chocolate, and couples in love. Although the day wasn’t created for those three things in mind, Valentine’s Day has become a celebration of showing affection to loved ones and hopeful loved ones.

Now, that in its own right can be a hard and frustrating task. What should you get that special someone to really show you care? Will the chocolates be enough? Would just a card be too little? Should you stay in or go out? With so many possibilities and venues that cater to this heart-filled day, it can be frustrating to create a special day for you and yours.

So, here’s an idea that will hopefully help you plan the perfect date. This classic Valentine’s Day date will make anyone feel loved while also giving them a sense of the good ole days.

Arrive in style

A lot of Valentine’s Day dates start at night but shake it up and start in the afternoon so you have plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. Dress in your Sunday best and rent a luxurious old school automobile to shuttle you around. There’s something so romantic and elegant about old school cars like this Bentley Limo Classic (see here). Your ride would be unique and beautiful, like your date, and you two would quickly become the talk of the town for it.Drive In Cars

Dinner and a movie

Next, take a ride to a favorite restaurant for a wonderful meal with your wonderful company and spend the time talking about pleasant topics. Try to stay away from work-related issues—it’s a time to celebrate not get bogged down.

When your dinner has been had take that beautiful automobile and drive your special someone to a drive-in movie. There’s nothing like kicking back in your seat and watching a good romantic comedy (or horror movie so you can get extra close to your date) amongst the great outdoors. The car helps you feel like it’s just the two of you, which is exactly what you want on this particular holiday.  You can find the nearest drive-ins theater nearby on this website.

I don’t know about you, but after a movie I’ve usually become a bit hungry again. Next on the list should be the trek to get a nighttime snack. Instead of getting ice cream, finding an old-fashion diner or the like to grab a milkshake would be a fun surprise. You just can’t beat a great milkshake!

Once you’ve finished your dessert it’s time to round out your old school Valentine’s Day date by driving out to a secluded area (but remember to stay safe!) and park. Take a blanket and spread it out on the ground and spend some time looking at the stars with your special someone. If you two have gifts, this would be the best time to exchange them.

This date is ideal for creating a special and romantic evening. Whether it’s with someone you’ve already been with for a long time or someone you’re just getting to know, an old school kind of adventure will surely impress.

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  1. I have a list of tasks around the house that my wife gave me for Valentines Day after that we will grab a nice lunch.

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