Money Moves You Can Start Making Now

Some purchases make sense to continue with when it comes to your finances, but there also needs to be some sacrifices made in order to free up extra money, not to mention the easy cuts like my adt experience that I will gladly say goodbye to.  While it’s … [Read More...]

Love Life

what women want from men

What Women Want From Men | 7 Thoughts From Women

I’m far from being a relationship expert. Usually when I write something on romance I get a lot of feedback from one or two ladies. Or as I did this time, go to Facebook and ask 1,800 people their thoughts on the subject at hand. So I went to the big FB and … [Read More...]

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Fatherhood Is NOT For Everyone

“The appeal of fatherhood is that it irrevocably binds you to another person. Sex is basically an exchange of pleasantries now. Marriage is instantly reversible. But fatherhood is real.” -Esquire Magazine While I normally agree with my friends over at … [Read More...]

Reduce Your Bills and Grow Your Savings with These 3 Tips

While many people believe they are careful with their cash, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you’d like to be less spendthrift and more frugal, you’ll have to alter your financial habits and cut back on some parts of your lifestyle. However, … [Read More]

5 Money Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Running a small business is no easy feat. As rewarding as the experience of working for yourself can be, there is a lot of responsibility involved and plenty of risks. In fact, more than half of new businesses will fail in their first year. One of the main … [Read More]

Ways You Can Start Saving Money Now

There are so many pieces to handling the household finances.  While making sure you pay all of your necessary bills is a given, but beyond that there is building an emergency fund to have on hand, not to mention saving for the future, on top of having enough … [Read More]

Marijuana Stocks and the Promise of Day Trading

Day trading is a way out of poverty for some. And it is a way to financial independence for others that are stuck in the corporate rat race. That is the promise of day trading marijuana stocks for profit. When you start to take risks in day trading, you have … [Read More]

Essential Tips on How to Take Back the Power When Dealing With Debt

Being in debt can be overwhelming. It can make you feel powerless and hopeless at the same time. AJ Smith, VP of SmartAsset for content strategy and its managing editor, reveals that giving in to the idea of being incapable will further damage … [Read More]

4 Surprising Financial Behaviors That Can Pay Off

There are plenty of myths, if you can call them that, when it comes to finances, maybe some that have gotten a bad reputation over the years that draw some to go against.  You may be surprised though in what you thought may or may not be true when it comes to … [Read More]