5 Old School Marketing Tactics that Still Work

Think about your life 5, 10, or 15 years ago and think how technology has changed over that time. Just 5-6 years ago, you might have had to whip out your digital camera to take photos, grab the GPS to find your way back home, or use a voice recorder to take some vocal notes.

Now, your phone can take care of all that in a matter of seconds. Technology has warped plenty of parts of our life, and the business world is no different.

One of the departments to be more heavily influenced by the rapid rise of technology is marketing. Everything in the marketing world seems to revolve around the digital side. Analytics, tracking data, custom messages, and more can all be done through your laptop or computer.

While some believe that digital is the way to go, that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on offline marketing. While some tactics may eventually fade out, there are still plenty you can use to make your business successful.

Direct Mailing

Even though many people refer to any fliers or pieces of paper as “junk mail”, direct mailing is much more effective than you might think. We know one thing: direct mail is more likely to be opened and read than an email. In addition, many see the printed word as being more trustworthy than the digital word.

Think about your own personal life. Receiving an email from a friend or significant other is nice, but receiving a letter is something special. They had to take the time to write it, find an envelope, get a stamp, and mail it. While your business may not put as much love in care, it still shows a bit more effort as compared to an email.

Networking and Speaking Events

Nothing ever beats eye contact and a solid handshake, right? Even though you may be a LinkedIn pro, there’s still plenty of value in attending these events. You’ll be able to meet new clients, network with other businesses, and get your name out there.

People like putting a name to a face or at least having that contact. The same kind of logic is one of the reasons why reviews and testimonials are so important, as people enjoy hearing about a business from another person instead of an ad.

These events are also great opportunities to hand out literature or promotional items for your business.

Great Signage

You know you need a sign for your business or else potential customers will be driving by, none the wiser to the treasure trove of products and/or services that you have to offer. The truth is signage is incredibly important to the overall marketing of a business, and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It’s a time for you to reinforce the brand by prominently displaying the logo for all to see. They can also be the first thing that grabs someone’s attention to a sale, promotion, referral program, store opening, and more. Make sure you invest wisely in your signage!

Being Active in the Community

If you played youth sports, your team might have been sponsored by a local business. While that might not have mattered as much to you as the post-game juice boxes and orange slices, that sponsorship mattered to those who made the money decisions.

That’s just one example of how you can be active in the community. You could host a workshop with other small businesses, offer discounts for graduating high school students, throw promotions and sales designed around community events, partner with other local businesses, donate goods and services to charity. There are plenty of ways to be an active community member.

A TV Commercial

Yes, buying TV time can be expensive but it can also be a way to reach out in your area. This largely depends on who your target audience is. If you’re targeting those in their early 20’s, it might be a good idea to skip on the commercial. But, if you’re targeting an older crowd, there are still millions of people who watch network TV. And hey, you might become the next big TV star in your 30

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