Money Moves You Can Start Making Now

Some purchases make sense to continue with when it comes to your finances, but there also needs to be some sacrifices made in order to free up extra money, not to mention the easy cuts like my adt experience that I will gladly say goodbye to.  While it’s … [Read More...]

Love Life

Getting Dumped

8 Reasons Why You Keep Getting Dumped

Ever been on the bad side of getting dumped? Whether you were surprised or saw it coming, getting dumped can hurt like hell. Rest assured, it happens to all of us. What’s most important is picking yourself up and not wallowing in your sorrow. That doesn’t … [Read More...]

Better Man

Become a Better Man: Humility is a Strength and Trait of A Real Man

We live in a world where the measure of a man is upside down, and most men and women have it backwards. The traits of a real man are no longer on display, but are instead replaced with fakes that are masquerading all around our TV’s, magazines, and … [Read More...]

Items Not Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

While there are definitely items that make sense to purchase at the dollar store so you can free up extra money to get more cpxx , there are also those that you are throwing your money away, even if they are a dollar.  Party decorations, cards, gift bags and … [Read More]

Ways to Treat Yourself in 2018 Without Breaking the Bank

The new year is upon us, and we should all definitely treat ourselves a bit for making it another year. Sometimes our lives get so hectic and chaotic that we just don’t slow down to take a breath and appreciate everything that we have accomplished. Or maybe we … [Read More]

Tapping into the Cash Generating Future of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has revolutionized the world of online finance. Transactions can now be made entirely using computer-produced currency. Several people have become incredibly wealthy using cryptocurrencies. And when forex trading comes in, the average user does not … [Read More]

Become a Better Marksman in 2018

There are many benefits to becoming a better marksman regardless of how you use your weapon. Hunters, range rats, sport shooters or anyone who CCs for self protection will all benefit from practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship because it increases the … [Read More]

Ways You Can Boost Your Credit Score this Year

Come on, budgets are sexy, well maybe not entirely but they can save you money.  In 2018 you should forget about wasting money at the gym, only to stop going in a few months, and really focus on your finances.  By improving your credit score, you can take … [Read More]

Financial Myths You Can Ignore

While it’s always a good idea to take advice from a professional, or at least a family or friend that you trust that has done well on their own, there are plenty of myths about finances that have been said over the years, but it turns out can actually be … [Read More]