Birth Announcement Etiquette 101

Last week, you watched in awe as the love of your life delivered the most perfect baby into the world. Now, you want to share this exciting news with family and friends.

Since your wife is still recovering from the delivery, you assured her that you would be more than happy to take the lead on the whole birth announcement thing. Of course, you definitely want her input on which photo to include and the other important details, but you’ll take on the bulk of the work.

If you’re not exactly sure when to send out the birth announcement, who should receive one and what should be stated on the card, no worries. The following tips should help the entire process go as smoothly as possible:

Know You’re Not on a Deadline

While you’re likely eager to announce the birth of your baby boy or girl, there isn’t a hard-and-fast deadline about when to send out these announcements. Indeed, this is great news for a busy dad like you who’s learning the ins and outs of infant care while also pampering your wife.

Some etiquette experts will say you have up to six months to send out the birth announcements; in this case, you might want to include both a newborn photo and a six-month photo, so recipients can see how much your bundle of joy has already grown.

Include Basic Information

As for what to include in the birth announcement, most provide the parents’ full names, the baby’s full name and birth date, and the newborn’s birth weight and length. If your baby has a gender-neutral name, you may also want to include the gender. Optional details include the location of the birth and the URL to your baby announcement website, if you have one ready.

For inspiration on specific wording, know that most traditional birth announcements are written in the third-person, referencing the parents’ first and then the baby’s name. But a more informal approach is also fine. For instance, if you have an older child, he or she could be featured holding your newborn in the photo and can announce the arrival of his or her new baby sibling.

Choose a Close-Up Photo of Your Baby’s Face

You likely already have dozens of photos of your newborn. Thus, to nail down and decide which photo you want to include in your birth announcement, scroll through the photo reel on your smartphone or digital camera and select a close-up image of your precious baby’s face.

This way, everyone who receives the birth announcement will get to see just how gorgeous your infant is. Make sure the photo is clear, with minimal distractions of any kind in the background. If you need further inspiration, browse the assortment of birth announcement cards on, where you can see examples of great shots of newborns, along with some basic personal information and well wishes.

Send These Greetings to Close Friends and Family

Unsure who should receive your birth announcement? Experts tend to offer this helpful advice: While you don’t have to send them to everyone on your holiday card list, send one to people with whom you have a personal connection. In addition to close friends and family, you can also include co-workers who you’re especially close to — or send one to your boss and ask him or her to post it on the company bulletin board. Close neighbors will also appreciate being included in your happy news.

Congratulations on Your Little One!

Becoming a parent is a wonderful milestone, and you’re no doubt already head over heels in love with your infant. By keeping these tips in mind — and consulting with your beloved on certain points — you’ll create a beautiful and well-thought-out birth announcement that will be a joy to send and for family and friends to receive.

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