Money Moves You Can Start Making Now

Some purchases make sense to continue with when it comes to your finances, but there also needs to be some sacrifices made in order to free up extra money, not to mention the easy cuts like my adt experience that I will gladly say goodbye to.  While it’s … [Read More...]

Love Life

what women want from men

What Women Want From Men | 7 Thoughts From Women

I’m far from being a relationship expert. Usually when I write something on romance I get a lot of feedback from one or two ladies. Or as I did this time, go to Facebook and ask 1,800 people their thoughts on the subject at hand. So I went to the big FB and … [Read More...]

Better Man

We don’t just grow up. We are raised.

We laugh at men who act like boys - think movie Hangover - while our mothers shake their heads in disapproval. There used to be a time that their scorn kept us in line. Was it really that long ago? Adults drink the night away and accomplish nothing the next … [Read More...]

Money Saving Tips for 2018

Well that came out of nowhere!  I guess it’s good to be busy, but man, 2017 flew by and we are a little over a week away from going into 2018 and I’m not prepared.  As we reflect on the progress or regression of our finances over the past year, we can only … [Read More]

Behaviors that Can Cause You to Go Broke

Going broke and getting into a hole can happen pretty quickly if you do not control spending and more money is going out compared to coming in.  Whether that is having too high of monthly expenses, spending too much, and not preparing yourself for the future, … [Read More]

The Top Investment Suggestions for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, many traders are already looking towards the new year and potential investment opportunities. Predicting such movements is always a bit difficult and yet, there are a handful of suggestions that could very well allow you to enjoy a … [Read More]

How About a Personal Finance New Years Resolution

As we get into the month of December we start to reflect on what we accomplished this year (or did not), which is why you see people flood the gym to get memberships to start out the new year, trying to get into shape.  A few months pass, the gym clears out, … [Read More]

How You Can Save Money Around the Holidays

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is already next week, and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us.  It’s time to start getting the house ready for family get togethers, putting food and drinks to host, or attending other parties where you still need to … [Read More]

Credit Card Myths You Can Avoid Buying Into

When used correctly, credit cards can actually make great financial sense.  First, they provide great fraud protection in that you don’t have to worry about your bank account getting wiped out if you were to use your debit card.  Next, and probably the best … [Read More]