4 Key Retirement Planning Steps

Planning for your retirement is not something that you can do in a few hours one afternoon and then forget about it. This is a long-term process that will likely change course many times over the years. You will want to be comfortable during your retirement. It is supposed to be a fun and carefree time in your life, so you will want to make sure that you plan your finances accordingly. It is never too early to begin planning for your retirement. It is good to dream about and talk to your partner about what you envision those years being like. Once you have some ideas about what you want, it is time to follow these four steps.

Decide How Much Time You Have

It is natural to assume that you will need money in retirement, but how long you have to reach that total is the key. If you are now only ten years away from retirement, for example, you will need a different type of plan than someone who is just starting out in a career. Do not get discouraged if you are getting started on your plan late in life. It simply means that you might have to alter your expectations a bit in order to be comfortable during retirement. At the same time, there are quite a few savings and investment options that are available to you that will help you to get where you need to be by the time you ultimately do retire.

Figure Out How Much Money You Will Spend

Before you can really finalize your retirement plan, you need to sit down and determine how much you will be spending. This differs from one person or couple to another. If you are the type of person that will be more than content staying home at a residence that is already paid for, possibly working out in the garden, then you might not need as much as you might think. However, if you enjoy traveling and envision buying a new boat, then your savings goals will need to increase as well. Developing this plan early on will give you an idea of how much money you need. You will not be working, so you will need to rely on the money you have saved up and any monthly retirement checks you are able to get.

Make Sure Your Are Funding an Individual Retirement Account

If you haven’t already started, you will want to be contributing the maximum amount to an IRA. This is a tax-advantaged investment plan that will help you receive a stable income in retirement. You will not be able to withdraw the money until you do retire, so this an incentive to let it sit there and grow over the years.

Put Precious Metals to Work For You

You will want to consider putting precious metals into your IRA. You can do this via a gold 401K rollover, for example. This allows you to keep assets in a retirement account and enjoy the tax advantages that come when they increase in value. You can then begin cashing out when you reach retirement age.

While there is much more to planning for your retirement than this, these four steps will certainly give you a jump start. It is important to know where you are going so that you can finally get there in the end. If you have a solid plan in place for your retirement, you will be far more likely to achieve your goals and live the life of leisure that you deserve after working for so many years.

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