Why Every Man Needs a Great Pair of Work Boots

There’s an old proverb — clothes make the man. Said another way, what you wear says a lot about you. If you want to be seen as a hard-working, no-nonsense, manly guy, you need a great pair of work boots. But your image isn’t the only reason work boots should be standard issue in any man’s wardrobe. Here are four reasons why work boots are a necessity for every man who wants to be taken seriously.

Your Life Requires Them

Men often find themselves in need of work boots. Even if you spend 9-to-5 in an office, there are times you will be called upon to put in the hard work. It doesn’t matter if you’re just cleaning out the garage on the weekend, proper foot attire is the same as having the proper tool for a job. Cutting or carrying firewood in flip-flops isn’t the right way to get the job done. You need steel-toed work boots.

They’re Attractive

There’s something about a man who’s ready to get the job done that is incredibly appealing. When you wear work boots, people make assumptions about the kind of man you are. They assume you have the skills and knowledge to meet life’s challenges. Think of work boots as an indication of being skilled with your hands. It may not be true, but it looks that way.

They Last

Work boots are durable. If you invest in a good pair of rugged work boots, you’ll have them for a long time. Plus, they often look better with age and wear. You don’t have to baby your work boots like you do your dress shoes.

A good pair of work boots is like an investment in your manhood. When looking for the pair that will last you for years, look for:

  • A strong, reinforced steel toe for protection.
  • Leather because it wears beautifully and won’t flake like other materials as it ages.
  • Rubber soles to guard against slipping; there’s nothing manly about taking one head over heels. If you wear the boots for work or in a garage setting, you may want an oil-resistant or slip-resistant sole.
  • Comfort and breathability. When the time comes, you want to retire your boots because they’re really old, not because they hurt your foot and smell like the swamp.

They’re Part of Mainstream Fashion

Lots of desk jockeys feel like they can’t wear work boots because they don’t have the kind of job that requires them. This is simply not the case. All men have some tasks in life that could be made safer by the right kind of foot apparel. And work boots are now just as much of a fashion statement as a job requirement.

Work boots have graced the feet of entertainers like Justin Bieber and Jay-Z. In fact, GQ touted work boots as “…a footwear staple on par with brown wingtips or black derbies, classics that look good on every man and with just about everything.”

Work boots are a versatile wardrobe essential that not only help men in manly pursuits, they also are a stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe. The work boot has transcended the factory and job site to become something every man needs.

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