Michael Phelps | Is He the Greatest Olympian of All Time?

The past couple weeks I’ve seen countless articles discussing who the greatest Olympian is. Is it Michael Phelps? Is it Carl Lewis? What about Larisa Latynina? Or Paavo Nurmi? We can’t forget Mark Spitz. How do we determine and compare Olympic athletes? How do we know who the greatest Olympian truly is? Do we go […]

Grenade Launcher 101 | When in Doubt, Use A Grenade Launcher

When I joined the Army one of the first weapons I had an itch to fire was a grenade launcher. We’ve all seen Terminator II and have the scene imprinted in our heads of him coming up over the conveyor belt and shoots a grenade into the T1000, and then it explodes and splits him […]

The Marathon – Olympics First Event | London 2012 Summer Olympics

I’m no Olympic guru but with the London 2012 Summer Olympics going on right now across the ocean I got a bit curious.  I wanted to know some of the historical facts behind this great event that countries from all over the world participate in. I was talking with my friend Joe over dinner and […]

Man Lessons Learned from Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II @ UFC 148

When you are a Champion how you handle a win over a disrespectful, vengeful, opponent who insults your country, your belt and your wife, can say more about you than how you handle a loss to a worthy and respectful opponent.

Free Fight: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen UFC 117

UFC 148 (Rematch) Silva vs Sonnen II | Man Lessons Learned Click Here Watch for free Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 below, courtesy of UFC.com and yahoo.com. Make sure to check out our article Man Lessons from Silva vs Sonnen while you’re at it!

Man Lessons Learned from Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen @ UFC 117

UFC 148 (Rematch) Silva vs Sonnen II | Man Lessons Learned Click Here Watch the full Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen UFC 117 fight for FREE here. August 7, 2010. Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA. During an Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight title bout, Chael Sonnen dominated an Anderson Silva who was coming off 7 title defenses and 12 […]

Learn to Shoot a Gun – A Skill Every Man Should Possess

Four Fundamentals to Learn to Shoot a Gun When I first joined the Army I had about as much experience shooting a gun as any other recreational shooter. The only rule to gun shooting that I needed was hitting the target and being safe about it. When I was handed my first M16A2 I thought, […]

Common Chest Training Mistakes

Just about every guy at the gym is trying to grow a stronger, more defined chest. Many are hitting their chest workouts 1-2 times a week but aren’t seeing the results they want. Here are some common chest training mistakes to avoid so your workouts aren’t wasted. Improper Bench Press Form Full range of motion is key. […]

How To Win A Bar Fight

You want to avoid them at all costs. But if you’re caught in a bar fight, be prepared with these techniques. And come out alive.