Man Lessons Learned from Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II @ UFC 148

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What we learned from UFC 148 | Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz

When you are fighting a Champion you can’t hesitate for a second!

When you are a Champion how you handle a win over a disrespectful, vengeful, opponent who insults your country, your belt and your wife, can say more about you than how you handle a loss to a worthy and respectful opponent.

So UFC 148 has come to an end and once again Anderson Silva is the undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion of the World with 16 wins in a row, still undefeated in UFC and a record 10 title defenses. After being beat up by Chael Sonnen in their first match for 23 minutes and then with only 2 minutes left sneaking in a triangle arm bar to come back and win, some doubted his superiority as a fighter.

Watching the PPV, in particular the co-main event between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz, I couldn’t help but get the feeling of Deja’vu. A sluggish, overly tanned, bleached blond Ortiz fought the human monkey in Griffin who out-struck, out wrestled, and out worked Tito who’s predictable take downs and ground and pound were no match for Forrest who literary ran circles around him. The rubber match at UFC 148 was a replay of their 2nd fight. With a gassed Tito Ortiz trying to survive through the 3rd round and collect his last pay check before being forcibly retired from the UFC (Tito was inducted into the UFC hall of fame earlier that day).

Then the much anticipated rematch between Anderson Silva & Chael Sonnen started and again a DOMINATING 1st round for Chael who rushed in for an easy take down and stayed in top position for the entire 1st round winning an easy 10-8 round if there ever was one.

Going into the 2nd round I was half expecting more of the same, and sure enough Chael Sonnen came in swinging and looking for that next take big take down but in his over eagerness to get that gold Chael tries for a spinning back fist, misses and slips (possibly on Anderson Silva’s foot). Then instead of jumping back to his feet or pressing forward towards Silva for another take down or clinch instead Chael hesitates and sits with his back against the cage and his hands up waiting for Silva’s next move.

Unfortunately for Chael Sonnen it came in the form of a knee to the solar plexus followed up by a barrage of punches into the cranium of a curled up (fetal position) Chael who was saved by the Ref who called the fight at 1:55 of the 2nd round via TKO.

I have always thought of Anderson Silva as kind of a prick, the kind of guy who’s taken his God given gifts for granted and feels he is just a little better than the rest of us mere mortals. But he really surprised me and set the example of what a true champion does. Chael Sonnen insulted his country, wife and career so had he gone down to Chael’s level of immaturity we could have understood. Like a true Champion though he understood the gravity of his position and of the weight of the Brazilian nation and MMA world on his shoulders. Rather than rubbing his win in Sonnen’s face and chanting BRAZIL, or how he is the Greatest Fighter Ever, or taunting him with some classless insults, he put his hand on his shoulder and invited him over to his house for a BBQ with his family. He respected Chael as a UFC fighter and opponent.

Even Chael Sonnen showed some class at the end; different from the jerk and immature character we had all been accustomed to seeing. When asked how he felt about the fight he said “Silva is the champion.” In the past he acted profusely like a sore loser but after this fight he showed character and showed some respect.

What a class act from both and definitely Fearless Men values!

“It Is Easy To Defeat Someone, But It Is Very Hard To Win Someone” ~John Keats 

Editors Note: This is a guest article from one of our Fearless Men readers, Daniel, and he’s been an avid MMA follower since 2000 and enjoyed the first rivalry between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

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