Manhood Not Guaranteed – Responsibility Required

Manhood not guaranteed Manhood is not a guarantee. Becoming a man is not a right, it’s a choice. Or better yet, it’s a process. We don’t wake up one morning as a young teenage boy and enter into manhood just because we found a few stray hairs in unusual places. Manhood is not achieved through […]

Is Your Glass Half Full or Is It Half Empty?

Positive or Negative? Optimist or Pessimist? Does it matter, glass half full perspective or not? Do my thoughts and reactions even influence my day? Does my perception influence my reality? Is an attitude contagious? Inception, one of my favorite movies had this one basic concept – “Everything in life starts off as an idea”. (Don’t […]

Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

Ever wonder how you should distinguish yourself from others? Did you want a promotion, a scholarship, someone’s attention or just a job? Or maybe you’re wondering why you need to distinguish yourself? When I was 17 years old my friend’s dad told me that he never had unique talents or extraordinary gifts. He put in […]

A Man’s Guide to Hosting Guests On Fight Night

Excited for the big fight? If you’re the one hosting guests on fight night don’t get stuck with a trashed house and huge Pay-Per-View bill. Here are eight essentials to make sure you can enjoy the fight without a hitch. Get the Time Right Make sure people know what time to show up. You don’t […]

Getting to Yes | The Art of Negotiation

Every man should know how to negotiate. Ever been in a tough situation and not known how to cut a deal that is right for both parties? It’s time to learn about getting to yes. These principles are taken from the book Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher. A favorite book […]

Learn to Shoot a Gun – A Skill Every Man Should Possess

Four Fundamentals to Learn to Shoot a Gun When I first joined the Army I had about as much experience shooting a gun as any other recreational shooter. The only rule to gun shooting that I needed was hitting the target and being safe about it. When I was handed my first M16A2 I thought, […]

What Not to Say During an Interview

I’ve conducted 300+ interviews over the past 10 years. During onboarding seasons I sat down with so many potential candidates who said such similar things they would often blend together. And it became obvious to me what not to say during an interview. I wasn’t looking for superstars or extreme talent. I was looking for […]

Should You Care What People Think?

“I don’t care what people think.” It’s a popular notion to not give a damn and act however you want. If people’s opinions don’t have any value, I guess it’s right to not care. But if people DO matter, then we might want to listen to what they have to say. There really is no […]

How To Win A Bar Fight

You want to avoid them at all costs. But if you’re caught in a bar fight, be prepared with these techniques. And come out alive.

Work and Life Balance

Caught trying to juggle the busyness of life? For all of us, at the end of each day there’s always something forgotten that needed to get done. Sometimes it slips our mind. Sometimes we over extend ourselves. Sometimes we give up our own plan to help another. We need work and life balance. Each night […]