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Army Cadences | Sung out loud by soldiers, you can sing them in your head

We’ve all seen the movies like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Heartbreak Ridge and probably a bit of MASH too, and like you I’ve always found the Army cadences to be entertaining. Never did I think I’d be singing them too. Sure enough, I ended up in the Army and it was inevitable that I’d […]

Do Your Research On Propositions: Realizing Your Potential To Influence The Ballot Beyond The Candidates

Many people get discouraged in the voting process. Because our country is so populated many voters may feel their vote for a candidate may not count. If you do your research, it’s easy to realize that we aren’t just voting to put people in office. We’re voting for real life decisions that will affect us […]

Volunteerism | Men Should be an Influence of Good

Why Volunteer? You’ve probably heard of some of the biggest organizations available: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, United Way and all the disasters they respond to. What’s important to take from this is that the “they” in the previous sentence is normally all of us – the volunteers. If volunteerism […]

Speech Preparation: First Things First

Have you got a speaking engagement coming up that you need to prepare for? Make sure your speech preparation is in top form. In my mind there’s three phases to speech preparation. Phase 1) finding your topic, knowing your audience, and discovering what’s expected of you. Phase 2) mapping out where you’re going and getting […]

Spear Fishing | An Apocalyptic Man Skill

A couple years ago I got my PADI scuba license because when I vacation overseas I’d like to be able to rent some quality equipment and go scuba diving. I haven’t gone overseas yet but the day will come. Spear Fishing is another skill I’d like to master. I’m a little hesitant because I know […]

Join The Cause! Volunteer for a Political Campaign

A few months ago I was talking with a friend about how one could volunteer for a political campaign. Like most I had no clue where I’d even start. Since he had been a part of many, I thought I’d pick his brain. Sure, I could’ve just Googled it but I wanted to hear it […]

Food Label Deception – Should I Really Pay More For These Products?

Trying to eat in a more healthy manner? That’s a good plan. Reading food labels is one of the first steps to know what you’re putting in your body. But not all food labels are created equal. Remember that (excluding the nutrition facts and ingredients) food labels are made by marketers-marketers who are trying to […]

My Night On The Street | How Emerging From Homelessness Is Harder Than You Think

In February this year my best friend Brian was doing research to write a grad school paper. He’s studying Marriage and Family Therapy. He was required to interact with, and write a paper on, interacting with a disadvantaged minority group. Brian chose to spend a night on the street as a homeless person. When he […]

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily To Stay On Course

I’m a big believer in “think time.” Processing your day every day to close it out. Some people like to journal. That’s cool. But I’m horrible at that. At the least, here’s some questions to ask yourself daily. While writing this I read some other articles on the same subject and found them to often […]

Gas Prices: What Time Is the Best Time to Buy Gas?

Maybe this is a couple days late for anyone taking a road trip for Labor Day, but anyone who drives a car knows that gas prices are at brutal all-time highs. Do you feel sad every time you go to the pump? It’s so bad now I try my best to not look at my […]