What Dreams Mean: How To Know What Your Dreams Are Saying To You

Do you know what dreams mean? A big portion of people I know state that they “never” or “rarely” dream. When people do dream, it often doesn’t mean much to them. Why in the world are we gifted with the ability to dream? I’m not able to get too much into the science and research […]

Healthy Thai Food Recipe | Thai Ground Turkey Wrap

Our good friend Jason @ WorkSaveLive has great recipes each week he shares with his readers. As we aim to have more fitness content in the future, we thought we’d give hosting some healthy recipes a shot and see what everyone thinks. If you like this Healthy Thai Food Recipe, please make sure to leave […]

Best Bruce Lee Quotes | To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities

Each week at Fearless Men we deliver to you our favorite Fearless Men Quotes. This week, we present to you the Best Bruce Lee Quotes Edition:  “If you truly love life, don’t waste time; because time is what life is made of.” When I think of the best Bruce Lee quotes, this may be the […]

Fearless On Your 30th | Most Manly 30th Birthday Ideas Possible

I’m coming up on my 30th birthday in January. My best friend’s big 30th birthday is next month. We’ve been talking about how to make it big and unforgettable, but we’ve been scratching our heads for huge, manly, 30th birthday ideas. Parties are cool. Huge parties are great. I love feeling celebrated. But to me, […]

Alligator Wrestling | How to Wrestle a Gator and Escape With Your Life Like Steve Irwin

Do you ever daydream about being the victor in a perilous situation? I do. Every single day. I dream of saving orphans from burning buildings. Smashing the faces of perps trying to steal my beautiful girlfriend’s purse. I dream about this stuff too. I don’t normally ponder about taking on reptiles though. But recently John […]

Army Cadences | Sung out loud by soldiers, you can sing them in your head

We’ve all seen the movies like Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Heartbreak Ridge and probably a bit of MASH too, and like you I’ve always found the Army cadences to be entertaining. Never did I think I’d be singing them too. Sure enough, I ended up in the Army and it was inevitable that I’d […]

Do Your Research On Propositions: Realizing Your Potential To Influence The Ballot Beyond The Candidates

Many people get discouraged in the voting process. Because our country is so populated many voters may feel their vote for a candidate may not count. If you do your research, it’s easy to realize that we aren’t just voting to put people in office. We’re voting for real life decisions that will affect us […]

Volunteerism | Men Should be an Influence of Good

Why Volunteer? You’ve probably heard of some of the biggest organizations available: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, United Way and all the disasters they respond to. What’s important to take from this is that the “they” in the previous sentence is normally all of us – the volunteers. If volunteerism […]

Speech Preparation: First Things First

Have you got a speaking engagement coming up that you need to prepare for? Make sure your speech preparation is in top form. In my mind there’s three phases to speech preparation. Phase 1) finding your topic, knowing your audience, and discovering what’s expected of you. Phase 2) mapping out where you’re going and getting […]

Spear Fishing | An Apocalyptic Man Skill

A couple years ago I got my PADI scuba license because when I vacation overseas I’d like to be able to rent some quality equipment and go scuba diving. I haven’t gone overseas yet but the day will come. Spear Fishing is another skill I’d like to master. I’m a little hesitant because I know […]