25 Pictures That Will Motivate You to Shout No Excuses!

The only one that can stop you from trying is you! Need some motivation for 2013? These 25 pictures will do it. Guaranteed! Think you’re poor? You won’t after you scroll down and try out the “Wealth Calculator”. Think the dealer gave you a crappy hand in life? Not compared to some of the fearless […]

The Man Up Leadership App Available NOW: Get It For FREE

If you’re a man looking to grow and change, and want to be challenged into something greater, we’ve got the perfect resource for you. Designed to inspire men to be passionate leaders rather than passive followers, the Man Up Leadership App is aimed to cultivate men to become better men. Spearheaded by John and I’s […]

Leadership Lessons: The Dark Side of Leadership

Some people are allergic to being in front. But many men crave it. Some because they want to make a difference and invest in people. Others because they want the fanfare, recognition, and control. The dark side of leadership-it’s easy to see it in others, but what about you and me? When it comes to […]

10 Ways To Make An Impression On Your Boss

Workplace relationships are critical to life. No one wants to spend 1/3 of their waking hours stressed out and on edge around people they can’t cope with. And there’s no relationship more important to your workplace sanity, and career, than with your boss. You want your boss to be on your side, therefore they need […]

US Congress | Key Differences between The Senate and House of Representatives

With all this talk of another financial fiscal cliff dominating the news I thought I’d educate myself a bit more on how Congress works. How is it that the House of Representatives and the President are deciding the budget? Where does the Senate come in? Who has more power? I thought we just went through […]

Scottish Bagpipe and Kilt | Do you think they’re manly? They got my vote.

We’ve all seen them Scottish bagpipe and kilt wearing dudes. If you’re like me though then you’re probably wondering if there is more history to them than just being part of Scottish culture. I don’t even know if only Scots wear kilts now. I think sometimes they’re worn just for the cool factor. I don’t think […]

Overcoming My Greatest Fear…of Public Speaking

Your voice cracks.

Your hands start to shake.

Those dumb knees start to wobble.

The words you’ve recited hundreds of times escape your mind and you start sweating profusely as panic begins to set in.

Cryptography | What came first? Encryption or Computers? Man or Machine?

  [quote] Cryptography by Merriam-Webster  1: secret writing  2: the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher; also: the computerized encoding and decoding of information [/quote]   Did you know that 4000 years ago humans were encrypting messages? You might be wondering how since it was only in the last century that […]

Thanksgiving Day | What are you most thankful for?

Back on November 27, 2008 Thanksgiving Day I was still in the Army and was stationed in South Korea. I had been there about 7 months. I was one of 14 soldiers in our Communications Platoon. A small number compared to the size of our unit. But our responsibilities and expectations were high. It had […]

Humility: The Quiet Trait That Everyone Will Notice

“Humility is grown in the desert.” -Unknown Recently I shared the above quote on humility and my buddy TB asked if we’d expand on it. I don’t know where it came from or who stated it. I recollected it while pulling together some quotes and have no idea where I saw it. Many times us […]