Manhood Not Guaranteed – Responsibility Required

Manhood not guaranteed

Manhood is not a guarantee. Becoming a man is not a right, it’s a choice. Or better yet, it’s a process. We don’t wake up one morning as a young teenage boy and enter into manhood just because we found a few stray hairs in unusual places. Manhood is not achieved through sleeping with women, graduating high school, finding a job, drinking beer, or killing animals. Manhood is not something that we achieve, but something we choose to pursue. And that pursuit starts with assuming responsibility.

Responsibility; [ri-spon-suh-bil-i-tee]: a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible.

Manhood can be summed up with this one word: responsibility. Being a man means taking responsibility; responsibility for your life, your actions, your character, your attitude. Responsibility for the company you keep, responsibility for the business you do, responsibility for the relationships you pursue, responsibility for the places you work.

Without responsibility, no manhood

Take a hold of your life – even if it hurts.

Without responsibility, there is no such thing as manhood. Without responsibility, there is no point in pursuing what it means to be a man. It is what manhood is built on. It is the underlying assumption that everything hinges on. If you’re not willing to take on the responsibility of being a man, then don’t read anything else on this site. In fact, just move back into your parents house and sit on the couch all day. Just go leech off them while watching re-runs of American Gladiators and playing XBOX online with a bunch of 12 year-olds. Because without taking responsibility, you might as well waste someone else’s time as you just prolong your adolescence.

Think about your life right now. What are some things you’ve failed to take responsibility for? An unresolved conflict? An unhealthy relationship? A deteriorating habit?

Think about your future. What areas do you need to take responsibility for in order to achieve your future goals? Perhaps your finances or spiritual growth?


  1. Agreed, responsibility is something we should probably all be cognizant of.

    The greater the person, the greater the responsibility he takes on.

    That is if he wants to be a good person and do the right thing!

    • Todd Mayfield says

      “The greater the person, the greater the responsibility he takes on.”

      Well said! If we really want to be men of influence, we can’t be irresponsible. That can lead to wasted opportunities and even hurting or neglecting who we care about. In order to gain more influence, we must prove ourselves as responsible with little. Then more can be added.

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