16 Legendary Guys Night Out Ideas | Dust off the Low Rider and Rally Up

For bachelors a guys night out isn’t that hard to come by. For married and committed guys though, it’s another story. It can be like asking lightning to strike the same place twice. What we do share in common is that desire to make each and every guys night out awesome and memorable. It might be too […]

Gentleman Rules Part II | How to Be a Gentleman

Earlier this week we wrote Part I of II on How To Be A Gentleman. Some lads, young and old, might need an extra tip to point them in the direction towards manly and gentlemanly behavior. Fret not, if you want to carry yourself in a well-regarded fashion, these finer points are for you. Check […]

US Congress | Key Differences between The Senate and House of Representatives

With all this talk of another financial fiscal cliff dominating the news I thought I’d educate myself a bit more on how Congress works. How is it that the House of Representatives and the President are deciding the budget? Where does the Senate come in? Who has more power? I thought we just went through […]

Scottish Bagpipe and Kilt | Do you think they’re manly? They got my vote.

We’ve all seen them Scottish bagpipe and kilt wearing dudes. If you’re like me though then you’re probably wondering if there is more history to them than just being part of Scottish culture. I don’t even know if only Scots wear kilts now. I think sometimes they’re worn just for the cool factor. I don’t think […]

Cryptography | What came first? Encryption or Computers? Man or Machine?

  [quote] Cryptography by Merriam-Webster  1: secret writing  2: the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher; also: the computerized encoding and decoding of information [/quote]   Did you know that 4000 years ago humans were encrypting messages? You might be wondering how since it was only in the last century that […]

What Dreams Mean: How To Know What Your Dreams Are Saying To You

Do you know what dreams mean? A big portion of people I know state that they “never” or “rarely” dream. When people do dream, it often doesn’t mean much to them. Why in the world are we gifted with the ability to dream? I’m not able to get too much into the science and research […]

Healthy Thai Food Recipe | Thai Ground Turkey Wrap

Our good friend Jason @ WorkSaveLive has great recipes each week he shares with his readers. As we aim to have more fitness content in the future, we thought we’d give hosting some healthy recipes a shot and see what everyone thinks. If you like this Healthy Thai Food Recipe, please make sure to leave […]

Do Your Research On Propositions: Realizing Your Potential To Influence The Ballot Beyond The Candidates

Many people get discouraged in the voting process. Because our country is so populated many voters may feel their vote for a candidate may not count. If you do your research, it’s easy to realize that we aren’t just voting to put people in office. We’re voting for real life decisions that will affect us […]

Food Label Deception – Should I Really Pay More For These Products?

Trying to eat in a more healthy manner? That’s a good plan. Reading food labels is one of the first steps to know what you’re putting in your body. But not all food labels are created equal. Remember that (excluding the nutrition facts and ingredients) food labels are made by marketers-marketers who are trying to […]

Gas Prices: What Time Is the Best Time to Buy Gas?

Maybe this is a couple days late for anyone taking a road trip for Labor Day, but anyone who drives a car knows that gas prices are at brutal all-time highs. Do you feel sad every time you go to the pump? It’s so bad now I try my best to not look at my […]