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10 Easter Fun Facts | Happy Easter!

10 Easter Fun Facts | Happy Easter!

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Easter is a Christian Holiday celebrated around the world. But it’s not only Christians that celebrate it. I think because of the popularity behind Easter Egg Hunts, the White House Easter Egg Roll and the Easter Parade in Manhattan it’s become a holiday for all. There’s just so much fun to be had and candy to eat. Here are 10 Easter Fun Facts you probably didn’t know.healing in his hands

But before we dive into them I’d like to mention what Easter means for us followers of Christ. I think most of the attention is given to Him dying for our sins and being crucified on the cross. Even in the movies it’s like this. What’s forgotten is that he rose from the dead 3 days later. Even with a huge holiday celebrating that, we forget the true meaning behind His resurrection. There isn’t enough emphasis placed on this. So what would it have meant if he never rose from the dead? Well, to keep it simple, Salvation wouldn’t be available for us all. For our salvation to be complete He overcame death to give us eternal life.

Died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us life. It has been completed.

10 Easter Fun Facts:

1) Easter is the resurrection of Christ.

2) Easter was the highest day for Church Attendance in 2012. Followed by Christmas and Mothers Day.

3) In the US, Easter is the 2nd highest candy consuming day of the year. It trails only Halloween.

4) Across the world 90 million chocolate bunnies are made. I wonder what percentage of that is consumed on Easter.

5) The original date of Easter was set in 325AD by the First Council of Nicaea. It was set to the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. The Paschal Full Moon is part of the Ecclesiastical Calendar and varies considerably, so Easter Sunday can be any time from March 22nd to April 25th. Confused? Click here.

6)  The first chocolate eggs were made in Europe during the 19th century and remain the most popular Easter treat to this day.happyeaster

7) Since 1878 the White House has hosted the Easter Egg Roll across its lawn creating a massive playground for children from all over the country. The Easter Egg Roll originated on the Capitol lawns in 1870 but after much damage to the landscape it was canceled. President Hayes told his staff that if any children showed up at the White House that they were to be let in and it’s been hosted on the south lawn every since.

8) Every year the Pope gives an Easter message on Easter day that is heard around the world.

9) The Easter Parade has been strolling down 5th Avenue since the Civil War era. You’ll see marchers in elaborate Easter outfits and the fanciest Easter bonnets. Click here for photos. It all started when high society wanted to show off their Easter outfits and bonnets after Church services.

10) During the month of Lent the monks used to make Hot Cross Buns and passed them out to the poor. The tradition now is to eat them on Good Friday.

Hope you enjoyed these 10 Easter Fun Facts. If you have any you’d like to share please do in the comments below. Happy Easter!

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  1. Thanks for the fun facts! My 3 year old cannot wait to decorate eggs~ She has been counting down the days!

    • That’s awesome! Does she know that next year it’ll be on April 20th and will have to do a bit more counting or start the countdown later? Maybe best keep it a secret for now. 🙂

  2. #5 might be the only theological training I receive for the day (sadly). Terrible jokes aside, I really enjoyed the article.

    I just found your site – and I love it! I’d love to guest post at some point if you allow. You guys are tackling what might be the most critical issues of our time!

    God Bless and keep it up!

    • Thanks Jacob! We do accept guest posts. If you could email us through the ‘Guest Post’ page and read over our policy. If you’re still interested contact us and include what you’d like to write about.

  3. As with most major Christian holidays, many holiday traditions actually have their roots in pagan festivals. The egg and the rabbit were symbols of the pagan goddess of fertility, Eostre who was worshiped at the vernal (spring) equinox. Even the name “Easter” is probably derived from the goddess’ name.

    • Although some of the traditions aren’t orignally Christian the actual purpose for celebrating is for Christ’s resurrection and this was started by early Christians on Sunday way before the title “Easter” in 325AD, and the eggs and rabbits came along.

      • I always felt it was ingenious of the early church to marry holy days with pagan celebrations to re-purpose those celebrations and help convert pagans into practicing Christians.

        • That was pretty smart of them. I’m not much of a buff on the early Christian days as I’ve only been a believer for a few years now. But I’m going to catch up with you. 🙂 You seem to know a bit in a lot of areas.

  4. Great story about the White House easter egg hunt, John. Great post!

  5. That’s very interesting John I always wondered where the whole Easter Egg tradition started.

    • Well, I might actually be wrong about the Easter egg thing. Apparently eggs and rabbits represented fertility for many pagan Gods and early Christians adopted some customs to help lead them to Christ. Edward gently pointed this out to me.

  6. Thanks for these facts. This is the first Easter that my daughter will be old enough to participate in any activities, we are looking to make it meaningful for her.

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