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16 Legendary Guys Night Out Ideas | Dust off the Low Rider and Rally Up

16 Legendary Guys Night Out Ideas | Dust off the Low Rider and Rally Up

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low-rider-160x160For bachelors a guys night out isn’t that hard to come by. For married and committed guys though, it’s another story. It can be like asking lightning to strike the same place twice. What we do share in common is that desire to make each and every guys night out awesome and memorable. It might be too much to ask for EPIC adventures, but we still do want laughs and stories to tell. Remember the movie Wild Hogs; when the guys in their 40’s dust off their Harley’s and hit the road. They shared an unforgettable adventure. While that might be more than we can get on a Wednesday night we can still make it a blast!

Any of you seen those pictures that went viral of the same 5 guys sitting in the exact same spot taken over a 30 year span? I think that’s pretty awesome! Todd and I should probably do that with images of Fearless Men today and down the road pull them out of the archives. All that to say, a guys night out is important. Whether it’s for the memories or just to get away or to bond and grow. We need fun and a cold beer every now and then. We love challenges and adventures. What better way to create them then on a guys night out?

Here are a few Todd and I thought of. I’m sure there are more so go ahead and jot down your ideas in the comments below. We’re counting on you to make our 2013 guys night out Legendary.

Grilling and Beers

I love grilling steaks. If you ask Todd what meal he’s had the most at my house he’ll probably say steak and rice with some asparagus on the side. Don’t get better than that! This is probably the most common guys night out event across the world. Maybe substitute steak for something else depending on where you live. Good food, drink and company!

Steak House

If grilling at home isn’t an option get some steak house coupons and go to town. My friend and I will normally hit up a steak house once every couple months. No shame in using a coupon. The steak don’t taste any worse. And every man loves a good steak!

Pokerpoker past time

This has got to be one of men’s favorite past times. It’s so easy to organize and you always want a noob to come play and throw his money in the pot. If you don’t know how to play and don’t want to be the one contributing cash every time, make sure to learn the rules. I remember when I first started and I kept losing every week for months. But once I got it I went on an 8 week winning streak. Covered my rent and groceries for 2 months.

You can always host at your house or hit up the casino if there’s one nearby. They have week night tournaments that you can buy into cheaply. If you’re looking to crash a poker game checkout the site MeetUp for poker games in your area.

The Movies

This can be either at the theater or at home. Almost every guy has a collection of old school movies in his man cave. VHS or DVD anyone? Who remembers the HD DVD vs Blu-Ray war? In my collection I got hits like Tombstone, Rounders, Gladiator, LOTR and of course all of Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Last year for a guys night out we all watched Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and the year before Inception. Doesn’t always have to be a hit movie too. We saw both Wrath of the Titans and Clash of the Titans. Horrible films in my book (Why a sequel?) but we had fun!

Play Sports

This has got to be at the top of every guys list. Along with steaks, grilling and sport events. The best part is it helps keep you fit and in shape. You also get to really put that trash talk into action one on one.

Batting Cages

I have memories of batting cages and hitting “home runs” all the way back to when I was 6 or 7. Makes for a great competition. Maybe hit up the cages before the steak house and place bets on who pays the bill.

Rodeobull riding

I’ve  never been to a Rodeo but they do look exhilarating to attend in person. I remember watching 8 Seconds some time in the 90’s and wondering if I moved to Texas if I’d make a good Cowboy. Well, I moved to Texas shortly after, for other reasons, and it seems the Cowboy thing isn’t for everyone. But if I get a chance I’ll still watch a good Rodeo competition with the guys.

Racing and Go-Karts

These will get up to speeds of 60 and 80 mph. How about that for a race with the guys? I actually have a groupon right now for one so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Sporting Event

Here in San Diego we have the Padres and Chargers. I’m a Bears fan so only go when they’re in town. The Padres though got a beautiful ball park and extremely cheap tickets. Makes an awesome guys night out watching home runs, eating hot dogs and having a cold beer.

If you’re looking for a free event you can always check out your local high-school games or even the college level.

UFC | Fight NightAnderson Silva

Looking for some mano a mano? Doesn’t get any better than Anderson “Spider” Silva starring down his opponent. You could host a fight night or hit up the local sports bar and shout at the TV.


I never considered this a sport for men. Kind of like golf. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve taken a liking to it and have found some competitiveness in it. Not quite there with golf. A few weeks ago a group of us went bowling and I threw 5 strikes in a row. I had never had more than 3! What got me going were the challenges and trash talking from the other guys. This can be fun because there’s no better incentive than just kicking their butt and calling it a night.

Video Games | Call of Duty

You might think that this is only for college and teenage boys but you couldn’t be more wrong. I think statistics show that the demographics are evenly split amongst that group and men in their 30’s. We probably don’t play it as much but every so often rally up the guys, link up consoles, let the trash talking begin and start firing rounds down range.

Beer Tasting

I’m not a beer drinker but I did spend a couple years in Germany where Beer Gardens and Beer tasting were common and big events. We had a few guys night out revolving around this and even though I’m not a big drinker it was still fun. Most groups of guys have at least one beer connoisseur. It’ll blow your mind how many different types of ales there are.

Gun Range

Last week my buddy and I went to the shooting range for some trap shooting and then took his new AR-15 to a nearby hillside and lit it up (legally).  I’m a horrible trap shooter…not even sure that’s what it’s called. It’s fun though and that’s what matters. You can make memories off the misses cause the laughs are a real hit.


I’m not a hunter and when I see movies like Jeremiah Johnson I know why. I have a good friend living on the Northeast and he hunts for his meat every winter. Doesn’t have to pay a dime for it and has enough to share with family, friends and neighbors. If this is your thing, staking out some Elk or Grizzly can be a lot of fun. For the warmer climates you can always go lobster diving or spear fishing. If you’re an alligator wrestler like Steve Irwin this can be quite the manly challenge. It’ll definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

Fantasy Sports Live Draft

This is relatively new even though it’s been around for decades. One of our pastor’s dad was part of creating the original fantasy football back in the 70’s or 80’s with players from the Oakland Raiders. So it goes way back. This past NFL season we held a live draft one afternoon and it was a lot of fun. We did BYOD, sat in the sun, trash talked and the least likely that I expected to win the season ended up taking us all down. There’s fantasy sports for every league out there. NBA, Soccer, MLB, you name it…!


Don’t forget to do this. Nothing worse then finally getting an evening free and the night ends with no laughs or epic stories to tell. Worse yet, you get a visit from the cops cause you pushed the limits too far and you end up making that one phone call to your wife. This would be an Epic Fail. So pick and plan; relax and have some fun.

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1st Photo by Chris Holmes Photography

2nd Photo by EliteSportsTours.ca

3rd Photo by Chefranden


  1. These are some great ideas, some of which I like to partake in on the off chance I get to hang with some friends. I am looking forward to brewing with some friends now that I have a home brewing kit.

    • Let us know which one you end up picking. Seems like home brewing is becoming a favorite for lots of married guys. Fun hobby for those who love beer. You’ll have to let us know how it goes! About 10 years ago I tried a home kit with some friends and we messed something up because there was no carbonation. Flat beer anyone? haha!

  2. That featured preview photo with the hydros is hilarious.

  3. Love the ideas! Guys don’t get many nights together so we need to do as much as possible each time. I like to combo the suggestions. Grill out, play video games, and play cards while watching UFC. Reading this makes me want to get the wife and kids out of the house and set one up soon!

    • I also like to do the combo idea. Your idea for a guys night out sounds awesome! You looking forward to GSP vs Diaz? I can’t stand the Diaz brothers. The last match between Nate Diaz and Ben Henderson was awesome! Not only is Ben a fellow believer but he destroyed Nate.

  4. I like hanging out with my friends and drinking a few beers and cooking out but back a few years ago we were actually able to get several friend to go down to Tennessee and rent a cabin in the mountains for a weekend. We had a blast and got a chance to just hang with the guys.

    • That sounds like a lot of fun! Over here in Socal we have similar options for cabins but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. We did go camping last summer but that included the ladies. Might be time for just the guys to take a trip!

  5. We’re too old for video game parties, but a bunch of my friends and I have board game night. We play some deep strategies games that our wives would absolutely hate. Last week we played Automobile….a game about competing auto companies in the early days of Detroit.

    Really, it’s just an excuse for a bunch of married guys to get together and drink Scotch and wine…

    • Do you guys play Risk? That’s one of my favorite board games. I’ve never heard of Automobile….going to google it. Board games is a good idea and excuse for the guys to get together and hang out.

  6. I pretty much have gotten to all of those except the UFC fights and the go karts. I love both of those ideas!!! I’ve been to a few amateur MMA events but nothing ever legit; that would be a lot of fun to go to!

    • So you’ve had some legendary guys night out?! There’s a go-kart place in the next county I’m thinking of going for some races. I hear their cars get up to 60 mph. One day I’d like to see a UFC fight too but would have to be close seats. I can’t do the ones so far away you only see ants.

  7. This is sad. You know you were the only girl in the family when you could re-title this “Jewel’s Night out Ideas” haha. All except the beer & poker. It’d be coffee/cigar & pinochle for me. And I dunno if I’d have enough patience for hunting. I think I’d have to re-write this with 30 ideas though, because in between every outdoorsy/dirt-faced idea there’d be a tea-party or a theatre outing. Haha..I’m such a pendulum. I’ll have to remember this post next time I go home to spend time with my brothers 🙂

    • Haha! It means you have good taste. Cigar and coffee or wine should actually be on this list. I might need to update. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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